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My year didn't start with a bang, nor was it festive or happy but a lot of good things had happened. I don't believe in blessings since I've stopped believing in any religion whatsoever, but I have to say that I guess I am going to be blessed this year. I managed to get all the things I bought last month and yes, that means I finally got that RnR issue that featured Shou and the good news is, they delivered it to my house and the package was sitting on my desk when I got home last Friday. *jumps in joy*

Even though I said I don't like celebrating my birthday, my friends forced me to celebrate it. Basically, they declared that we will celebrate it and I wasn't allowed to say 'no'. I had no choice but to agree since there were eight of them against one of me, so yeah. We went to this pizza restaurant and it turned out that the bitches had a surprise present which I liked so freaking much because it had cats on it. I love cats and I love anything with cats on it. So yeah, basically I was touched and was kinda happy because I thought they were so sweet and shit and yeah, we ate ice cream cake and it was by far, the prettiest cake I've ever had in my entire existence.

One more pic under here... )

Then I received some achievements... some awards and stuff because of my effort... I wish they gave me prize money or an incentive for it, but yeah, I guess knowing that they appreciate my skills and hard work is cool. I achieved my first goal for this month and now I'm confident that I'll be achieving the next ones as well.

And most of all, I haven't felt depressed or sad or didn't have suicidal thoughts for more than a month now and I hope it continues. *crosses fingers*


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