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I thought I've achieved all my goals for this month but it turns out, I'll be failing in one:


I was so freaking excited when the day of the release came last Wednesday, only to find out that Yesasia couldn't ship my order because they had a conflict with my bank related to my payment. Oh, the down sides of using a fucking debit card. I've been exchanging a couple of emails with Yesasia and have been visiting my bank these days just to get this mishap straightened out and it turns out that the fate of this goal depends on Yesasia... coz apparently, their acquiring bank have already received my payment and they're still waiting for my bank to verify my card... wow. Just wow.

What did I learn from this experience?

Never buy a pre-order item in Yesasia using a debit card.

It was a freaking relief that a friend didn't ask me if I could order the DECADE for her using my card or it'll be a freaking pain in the ass.

So now, I've been stressed out and worried and upset because I so wanted that freaking live DVD in my hands but this just has to happen. Lucky me. =_= And I'm not even sure if I'll really get a proper response or help from Yesasia because shit, once they've decided to cancel my order because my credit card have not been verified then that freaking means that the money I already paid for it has gone to waste... or it'll take me a long time to get it back... but knowing banks... I'm not even expecting anything. Oh joy. Fuck.

And the funniest thing? If ever Yesasia didn't ship my order until next week till Friday, I'm planning to purchase it in CDJapan. Wow. So it's like I paid twice for one freaking copy. Am I crazy? Yes. Yes, I am. I know this is too much. This obsession for this band probably-- no, definitely borders on crazy/unhealthy and maybe even dangerous so if there's anyone who's willing to give me a really hard slap in the face to wake me up from this immense delusion, then please, please do... please fucking snap me out of this. I know it's wrong and crazy and fucking ridiculous but I'm willing to do it.


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