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Boredom has struck once more. Pretty much, I've been feeling this way since the year started and I guess the feeling just gets stronger and stronger as time passes. It's hard to stay motivated because so far, nothing really good has happened to me and it turns out that I can't quit this life-sucking job yet at least until September. I'm sick and tired of dragging myself to work every morning and going through my classes with a very flat and bored tone. I don't even know why my students haven't complained me yet and frankly, I don't really care if they will. I just want September to come so I can finally move on and actually look for a new job.

My personal life is also very, very boring... as usual. My dad is still bugging me to go to our family reunion next month and he says I should to get my inheritance. Now, how the hell am I supposed to believe that an uncle whom I've only seen twice in my life would actually give me a percentage of his wealth? Seriously. Some of my friends at work still drive me crazy but I guess they've somehow gotten the idea that I don't like it when they ramble about their fandom or bias to me. Indeed, my coldness towards them had paid off and yet, it's weird because I don't feel anything. I don't feel bad that we don't talk or see each other that much anymore and I don't know if they are concerned with me slowly drifting away from them.

I hope this feeling goes away real soon. It's pretty exhausting to feel bored with life and live like a zombie.


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