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Title: Through Darkness and Silence

Chapters: 2/?

Author: venomousliberty

Genre: romance, drama and fluff

Rating: PG-13 for now

Warnings: none

Pairings: Aoi/Uruha or Yuu/Kouyou and Reita/Ruki or Akira/Takanori

Summary: How does love happen between a blind and a mute?

Beta Reader: none for this chapter. [ profile] veroxion is currently busy and I opted not to look for another beta. She is the only beta-reader for me, LOL.

Comments: this chapter is divided into two parts because LJ is being a pain in the butt. I don’t think it’s really that long. WTF.

For: erisawachika

Previous Chapters:

Prologue / 01


Chapter Two

Part A

Copper-hued eyes snapped open as an alarm clock buzzed on top of a night stand, signaling the beginning of another same old brand new day. Those brown saucers darted up, giving an icy glare towards the red digits that currently displayed on the dark screen of the annoying gadget. With a low huff, the owner of those auburn eyes reached for it and violently tapped the silver button situated on top, shutting it up before it could further irritate him and wake up the entire neighborhood.

Akira hated mornings, especially weekday mornings, specifically, mornings where he had to worry about the pile of work that was waiting for him in his office, which so happened to be almost everyday because he was unfortunately gifted with the most demanding and arrogant boss in the world. Lazily rubbing his still sleepy eyes, he pushed himself out of bed and picked up his cellphone that was placed just beside the alarm clock, his feet that felt like ten tons heavy, automatically bringing him to the kitchen so he could turn on the coffee maker and fix himself a nice mug of his third favorite addiction.

In five seconds and after a few taps on the screen of his phone, he brought the slim gadget to his ear and waited for the ringing sound to cease, hoping that the person he was calling was already up and about and would pick up his call immediately.


















A smirk swiftly curved up his lips as he reached up and  fetched himself a mug from the cabinet, feeling relieved to finally hear that familiar voice he knew so well. It took almost sixteen rings for his younger brother to pick up, which meant the other was probably in a deep sleep when he called. “Wake up, sleepyhead.” He responded at the sleepy tone the person from the other line had possessed, his voice tainted with playfulness.

“You do know that it’s still school break, right?”

“I know. I’m just checking if you’re okay.” He casually shot back. He had a feeling that the other would say that. Akira had this habit of giving his brother a wake up call at 6:30 every morning. It was his second daily morning routine and he never missed or forgot doing it even if it was a holiday or a weekend.

“I’m alright, Aki. You know that I always am.”

He placed the mug on the countertop and leaned on it, the smile on his face widening as he imagined what his younger sibling probably looked like while saying that. He could almost picture the younger man lying on his bed or on the couch in his living room, eyes half shut, long fingers languidly wrapped around his phone with a relaxed and serene smile on his full lips as his pale skin and golden hair gleamed beautifully at the warm rays of the morning sun that flowed like an aureate waterfall through the window. He was sure that his beloved brother was a breathtaking sight to behold, an image that he hadn’t witnessed ever since the other had decided to move out of his place a year ago. “Well, I just wanted to make sure. You do know that I’m still not comfortable with you living fifty-six kilometers away from me, right?”

A melodious laugh echoed in his ears. It was the type of laugh that the younger usually made whenever he was trying to appease or convince him. “You’re such a worrier. It has been a year, Akira and I’m still doing fine.”

He pursed his lips together and held back a sigh, willing to push the feeling of uneasiness back in the deepest parts of his chest. He didn’t want to ruin his brother’s day by his incessant worries. He knew and he promised that he would trust his sibling. He had to if he didn’t want to lose him. He took a deep breath and tried to keep his composure, shoving away dreadful memories and that chilling fear that he always harbored for his brother. Actually, he trusted his brother, it was this world and the ruthless and insensitive humans that plagued this planet that he didn’t trust. He wouldn’t really worry too much if his brother was normal and if he was capable of protecting himself.

“Akira? You still there?”

The person in question suddenly blinked, surprised that his mind had unconsciously flown somewhere else when he was trying his best to sound normal to his sibling. “Yeah, I’m still here. Just busy staring at the coffee maker. God, I really need coffee.”

Another sweet laugh echoed in his ears. “I thought you’ve passed out in the kitchen. Now, get off the phone and prepare for work. I don’t want to hear you complaining to me about how your boss scolded at you just because you were a second late for your daily 9 AM meeting.”

Akira rolled his eyes and grabbed the pot which was now filled with steaming hot coffee. “Wow. Thanks for reminding me.” He bitterly responded. He was already used to his younger sibling’s sarcasm and teasing.

“Sure thing. Have a nice day, okay?”

“Yeah, sure. You too.” He poured the aromatic black liquid in his mug and even before be could allow the other to end the call, he blurted, “Oh, and Kouyou!”


“You freaking take care. Call me ASAP if something comes up, got it?”

A chuckle was the only reply he got before his brother hung up on him. Shaking his head, he placed his phone on the countertop and brought the mug to his face, his eyes closing in bliss as he allowed the rejuvenating scent of the coffee to seep into his nostrils, the delicious aroma effectively calming him.

Yes, everything was going to be okay. Maybe work was not going to be kind to him today since he had to report to his damn boss, but Kouyou was going to be okay. It was school break after all and surely, his younger brother wouldn’t be going out that much today. With that thought in mind, he took a careful sip of his coffee and walked out of the kitchen to rummage in his closet for something to wear.


For the seventh time, a deep sigh escaped Yuu’s lips as he stared at the shiny brass plate that displayed the number 206, hesitation and nervousness present in his obsidian saucers. It was 9:58 in the morning and he only had a minute left before his official meeting with a certain beautiful creature who was probably waiting for him behind the closed door he had been busy staring at for the past ten minutes.

Despite the immense excitement he had been keeping in his palpitating chest, he was also feeling anxious to see the blond again and discover as to how far he could help Kouyou with the guitar. Frankly speaking, he was a bit worried that he might not be able to give the blind the proper instructions and guidance needed to teach someone who was visually impaired since he had a disability himself and he couldn’t really use his voice to communicate with Kouyou, but he had to try. He promised that he would help Kouyou after all, and as long as the blind was determined to learn, he would do his best.

He glanced at his wristwatch once more, his heart playing a louder and faster tune as the shorter hand pointed at the number 10 and the longer hand at the number 12. Taking a deep breath, he pressed the button that rang the doorbell and patiently waited, trying to look calm and composed even though he was going to meet with someone that wouldn’t be able to see the army of liquid beads that had formed on his forehead. In a matter of seconds, he heard the speaker located beside the door cackle, followed by the deep, mesmerizing voice that had lulled him to sleep last night.


A smile quickly appeared on Yuu’s handsome face, his heart beating wilder in his chest at the mention of his name. He gripped the handle of his guitar case tighter as he attempted to calm his suddenly ecstatic nerves and with his free hand, he delivered six knocks against the hard surface of the door. Kouyou had instructed him to do this so he could determine if the person who had rang his doorbell was really Yuu. The sound of a metal chain and the distinct clink of the knob being unlocked vibrated from the other side before the door was slowly swung open and the gorgeous visage of Kouyou Takashima greeted him. Yuu felt as if if he had just been welcomed to the gates of heaven.

“Yuu.” Kouyou said once more, uttering his name as if it was a sweet love song and the undeniable affection that came with the blind’s voice went straight to his chest. How could Kouyou make him feel this way? Momentarily shrugging off the question, he decided to respond by lifting his free hand and bringing it to the blind’s face, the callous pads of his fingers making contact with smooth, flawless skin as he bestowed a gentle caress on the other man’s cheek.


He thought, wondering as to how it would feel like to have that beautiful name roll along his tongue and tumble from his lips.

While Yuu was busy entertaining his current thought, Kouyou couldn’t stop himself from stretching his lips so wide he was sure he was smiling from ear to ear, especially when he felt that familiar touch on his skin. Indeed, he was happy to be with Yuu again and the fact that they’d be spending the entire day learning how to play the guitar had only made him more ecstatic. Of course, he made a few preparations before the musician’s arrival. He vacuumed the carpet in his living room, wiped his furniture and cooked pasta and white sauce that they could eat for lunch later. He also made some self-studying of his own so it wouldn’t be too hard for the mute to teach and guide him. So far, he was somewhat familiar with the parts of the guitar and he pretty much knew the basics. He probably just needed to find out the chords, where he would position his fingers on the frets and determine the difference of each chords by sound. It sounded difficult, but he was determined to learn and he would try his best to absorb whatever Yuu would teach him. “Come in.” He gleefully said as he stepped to the side to allow his visitor to enter his apartment.

Yuu nodded instinctively and entered. Without waiting for Kouyou to ask him to take his shoes off, he proceeded to do so and neatly placed his leather boots in a corner as the blind closed and locked the door behind him. He then put on a pair of slippers that was always available for guests and waited for the blond to lead him further into the house, utterly amazed as he watched Kouyou strode past him without his cane. Yuu continued to observe with wide eyes as he saw the beautiful blond move around his home as if he could see his path, avoiding everything that was needed to be avoided. He knew that blind people were capable of doing tasks just like normal people could, but he still couldn’t help but feel amazed. It probably took lots of practice and hard work to be able to move freely around like that.

The raven was led to the living room and Yuu couldn’t stop himself from marveling at how neat and organized Kouyou’s house was. Everything was in order, like the set of remote controls that were neatly lined up on the coffee table and the stacks of CDs and DVDs that was compiled according to the name of the artist and movie titles near the television and the speakers. Kouyou’s home was just like any other house he had seen. It was just like his house, actually, only it was free from various musical instruments and discarded scraps of paper containing lyrics of unfinished songs. He was truly astonished as to how simple and normal the blind’s life really was.

“Have a seat.” Kouyou politely offered as his beautiful hands gestured towards the couch. “Would you like some coffee or tea? Or maybe orange juice?”

Yuu gently took the blond’s hand and wrote on his palm. “No, thanks.”

“Are you sure?”


“Okay, then.” the blind replied before he felt himself being guided by Yuu towards the couch and being gently pushed to sit on it. Then, he felt the spot next to him dip, indicating that the mute had sat beside him.

All the while, Yuu continued holding Kouyou’s hand, his thumb tracing small circles along the blind’s smooth skin as he kept on staring at the epitome of beauty beside him. Kouyou seemed to have become more beautiful overnight and that wide smile on his face was just... just... He couldn’t even find the words to describe it and he wished he could just stare at Kouyou all day. But some things were needed to be done and if he really wanted to teach the blind how to play the guitar, he should seriously stop from his shameless ogling. He shook his head and focused his attention on Kouyou’s hand, turning it upwards so he could write on the other’s palm again. “I brought my guitar.”

“That’s great!” Kouyou said excitedly, looking like a kid who had just received the coolest toy in the world.


“What color is it?”

Yuu let out a chuckle, amused that Kouyou was curious about the appearance of the guitar he brought. “Black.”

“Your favorite color.” Kouyou happily commented. It was an information he discovered when they played twenty questions yesterday.

Yuu just replied with an equally cheerful smile and carefully let go of Kouyou’s hand. He took his precious guitar out of its case and placed it on the blond’s lap, earning a surprised expression from the blind. He watched with deep fascination as the blind’s gorgeous face displayed various levels of bliss and excitement.

Kouyou slowly placed his hands on the musical instrument, feeling the smooth surface of polished wood underneath his palm while his fingers glided over strings made of copper and steel.  He slightly parted his lips, slowly taking a deep breath to control his overwhelming emotions and plucked one of the strings with his index finger, creating a warm sound that resonated through the silence that settled in his house. “It’s beautiful.” The blind uttered breathlessly as he basked in the beauty brought by that single vibration, unaware of the blinding sparkle of resolution that flickered in a pair of deep obsidian eyes.

Part B

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Akira is Kouyou brother? Aww, and he worries for him :') that so sweet
Now let's read part B ;3

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Yes, they are and indeed, that is very cute, right? I've always thought that they really see each other as brothers, so yeah~ Thank you for reading~ ^^

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