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Title: A Mascot’s Surprise

Chapters: oneshot

Author:[ profile] venomousliberty

Genre: Romance, humor and fluff

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: crack and excessive cheesiness?

Pairings: Aoi/Uruha

Summary: Uruha must be dreaming... or maybe he was hallucinating because there was no way that a huge fox holding some balloons had just rang his doorbell.

Comments: This is a birthday and thank you fic for my very dear friend and partner, [ profile] candicecandy, who had made me realized something very important and who are always patient with me. Happy birthday and hope you like this, bb~ :)


Uruha threw another tissue in the trash bin before taking another one from the box. His auburn eyes were red and puffy and his perfect nose possessed the color of red due to his excessive sniffing. But Uruha wasn’t sick, no. He had gotten over his hay fever two weeks ago and the main reason why he was in such a terrible state was because of a certain raven-haired male.

He sniffed once again and let out another whimper as he dabbed his tear-filled eyes with another tissue. He had no idea how many boxes he had consumed since his huge fight with Aoi, but he knew he had already used his entire supply for the entire month. If this kept up, he would have no choice but to run to the supermarket and buy a whole cart of tissues and he was not in the mood to go out today or in the next days to come.

A sigh escaped him as memories of that horrible day plagued his thoughts again. The fight happened almost four days ago, when Aoi was invited by his mother to go home to Mie because it was his father’s birthday and the old man had wanted to see his son. Now, Uruha was definitely okay with Aoi going home to his folks whenever he wanted to, but the raven had made a promise to him that in his next visit, he would take Uruha with him and finally introduce the blond to his parents. After all, they had agreed that they were ready to finally reveal their secret relationship to their family and friends. Actually, Uruha had already introduced Aoi to his family three months ago and luckily, they had been very supportive of him. His nephews even liked Aoi and had already proclaimed him as their second favorite uncle. He was excited to finally go to Mie with Aoi and meet his parents but it turned out that the rhythm guitarist still wasn’t ready for that.

Uruha knew it was scary and nerve-wrecking to come out to your family and face the possibility of being disowned or hated, but he faced all those challenges because he loved Aoi and he would do anything for him, so how come his lover couldn’t do the same for him? After their heated fight, Aoi left for Mie without even saying goodbye and hadn’t called him since then.

Another strangled sob escaped his dried throat as he rolled to his side, ignoring the dulling ache in his temples. He was so sick and tired of crying but he couldn’t stop himself. He knew it was so unlikely of him to cry straight for three days, but Aoi was very, very important to him, he just couldn’t pretend that he was okay and everything was fine and dandy.

His eyes fell to the slim figure of his cellphone, the absence of light from its smooth screen causing a slight pang in his chest. He had been waiting for Aoi to call and at least try to apologize to him, but his lover’s name never appeared on the screen. He also wanted to send a text message to the raven, but his pride didn’t allow him. As far as he knew, Aoi was the one who should make the first move, not him.

He’s probably going to break up with me when he comes back.

Tears began to fall like waterfall down his face again, a pathetic cry erupting from his parched throat at the thought. What would he do if Aoi broke up with him? What if the older suddenly decided that their relationship would never work? What if Aoi chose to find a wo--

His line of thoughts were cut off by the familiar chime of his doorbell, indicating that someone was on his door. With a furious growl, he covered his ears and tried to ignore the sound, certain that the person bugging him was either Ruki, Kai or Reita. Wait. Reita went to visit him yesterday and Ruki, the other day, so he was sure that this was...

The person on the door continued to press the doorbell, intent on getting his attention and making him feel annoyed to the point that he had no choice but to open the damn door. If this person was this insistent, then he was sure that it was Kai. Yes. No doubt that his visitor was their trusty leader-san.

Knowing how assertive Kai could be, he rolled out of bed with a huff and stormed towards the door, oblivious to the fact that his hair was a wild mess, he was deathly pale and he was clad in his ugliest t-shirt and shorts. Needless to say, Uruha looked very different from the perfection people usually see on TV and on the glossy pages of magazines, but he didn’t care. He was at home and nursing a wounded heart, his looks was the least of his worries.

The ringing sound continued and only stopped when Uruha violently turned the doorknob and yanked the door open as if he wanted to tear it off its hinges. “What the hell do you--” He screamed only to pause when he saw the sight that greeted him.

What the hell?

His puffy eyes slowly widened in shock.

What in the mother of freak is this?

His jaw dropped to the floor.

What in the world is on his doorstep?

Uruha tried to comprehend the current spectacle that unraveled before him with pure disbelief in his wide saucers, but failed. He must be dreaming... or maybe he was hallucinating because there was no way that a huge fox holding some balloons had just rang his doorbell. He slowly blinked his eyes and attempted to move, eyeing weirdly at the strange mascot before him from head to foot.

What is this? What is this thing doing here? He asked himself. The mascot didn’t really look that bad or creepy. Actually, it looked quite adorable with its fluffy light brown fur, gigantic head and exaggeratingly wide smile, but he still didn’t get why it in his doorstep.

“A-are you lost or something?” He asked stupidly, surprised that he was still capable of speech. How wonderful.

The giant fox waved his free arm at him and tersely invited himself into Uruha’s house by stepping inside, further startling the dumbfounded blond.

“What the hell are you doing? You’re trespassing!” Uruha demanded, fear and panic gripping his insides as he watched the mascot quickly kick the door close behind him. He was about to run to his bedroom and lock himself in there while waiting for help when the fox suddenly offered him the balloons. Seriously, who was this guy? Did it think that he’d just calm down if it gave him those balloons?! Sure, the balloons looked so nice and colorful and he saw a lot of purple there, which was his favorite color, but it didn’t change the fact that this stupid fox was being creepy! Maybe it was a thief or a stalker... or... or maybe it was a deranged fangirl! “I don’t want your balloons! G-get the hell out of my house or I’ll kick you out and call the police!”

The mascot took a step back and made a gesture as if it just let out a sigh. Then, with its free hand, it began pulling off its own head, revealing the person underneath the ridiculous costume.

Uruha’s perfect jaw touched the floor once more, his head throbbing in pain as he discovered who it was. “W-what the hell? Aoi?!”

A sheepish smile curved up Aoi’s flushed face as he met the blond’s sorrell eyes. “Hello, Uru~”

The lead guitarist just stared incredulously at the raven, attempting to find an answer to the hundreds of questions that suddenly popped in his already lethargic mind.

Why is he wearing a fox costume?

What is up with those balloons?

And we didn’t see and talk to each other for four days and all he’d say to me is hello? Really? REALLY?

Uruha’s hands began to tremble, the small tremors spreading through his entire body like electricity as he looked at Aoi’s unforgivably adorable face. How he missed seeing that face, and that gorgeous smile, and those enigmatic piercing onyx orbs and... and...

“What the hell are you doing! Have you gone mad! Why are you wearing that? You scared the living crap out of me! I haven’t seen you for four days and you show up here wearing something like that? And you only plan on giving me balloons? I thought you were a freaking lunatic! I was so ready to beat you to a bloody pulp and have you arrested!”

Aoi just casually ran his long fingers through his slightly wet hair and gave him an appeasing grin. “Look, I’m sorry, okay? I know this is crazy but I wanted to surprise you.”

“Surprise me? The hell you just did!”

“I know, okay. Look, these balloons are for you!” The rhythm guitarist answered and held out the balloons for Uruha to take.

Uruha just looked dumbly at the floating balls of helium above his head, torn between crying his heart out because he had finally seen Aoi and it seemed that the other was willing to reconcile with him or plant his face to the nearest wall because his lover had done the most ridiculous and stupidest way of apologizing to him. Aoi was thirty-four years old for pity’s sake! How could he do this? “You do know you look so ridiculous right now, right?” He coldly asked when he focused his attention to his lover again.

The smile on Aoi’s face faltered. “I know, but I still look cute in this, right?” The older shot back with a convincing grin.

Cute? Him? In that ridiculous fox costume?

Oh, hell.

Oh, freaking hell.

“You’re an idiot.” He retorted. “No, you’re a moron. You’re insensitive and cold and you’re a bastard! “ He continued, his voice tainted with slight anger and took a step towards Aoi. “You’re a dork and a jerk and an oaf! You’re a sadist and cruel and ruthless! But how can I stay mad at you if you look like this?” The blond threw himself at the rhythm guitarist and wrapped his arms around the other’s neck, burying his face in Aoi’s neck. “It’s not fair.” He ended in a terribly low voice before his tears began flowing out his eyes again. He didn’t care if Aoi looked cute and stupid in his fox costume, he was just happy that his lover was with him again.

“So, does this mean I’m forgiven?” Aoi asked with a hopeful expression on his face and let go of the balloons in his grasp, allowing the colorful inflated spheroids to touch the ceiling so he could wrap both of his arms around the blond.

Uruha didn’t answer and just enjoyed the raven’s embrace. He had already said that he did, didn’t he? Well, sort of. But surely, Aoi would figure that out.


Comment: Whipping up this short piece in less than a week and with tons of issues clawing at my back was difficult. It was also different from the plot I had initially thought of but since I didn’t have enough time, I had to postpone that idea and do this one.

[ profile] candicecandy, I know this was so different from what we talked about and there was no Uruha in a ducky costume here, but there will be a part two to this, ne? *winks* I just hope you liked this first installment and it brought a smile on your face or it has enough cheese in it. *awkward chuckle* If not, then feel free to torture me by forcing me to listen to 1D songs. LOL.

Anyway, comments are love and motivation for my evil bunnies. Thank you for reading. ^^

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