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I should seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY stop writing or dedicating multi-chaptered fics to people.

I have this strong feeling that "Through Darkness and Silence" is going to have the same fate with "TWO SIDES"

*sighs and kicks nearby object*

On a lighter note, I'm feeling better now and though it's going to be Monday tomorrow, I'm not surprisingly that worried. I don't feel excited about going to work either. i just feel okay, which I'm grateful for because it has been so long since I felt normal. I hope this continues, but then the dreaded family reunion is just around the corner. It'll be this week and it's going to be for three days. My dad wants me to get off from work for a few days and attend, but I don't want to because frankly, I prefer working my ass of at work than deal with the falseness of all the people who would be going there. I'm trying not to think about that issue, though. I don't want to worry about it.

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5/5/13 14:48 (UTC)
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Through darkness and silence is going on a hiatus? D: That's a pity :/

Glad to hear you're doing better :D As for that family reunion, I still suggest you go and if you don't like it leave :/

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8/5/13 14:40 (UTC)
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*working like mad to earn up Japan tix for Gazette concert*
*stayed the whole week in the office*
'oops~! i'm sorry dad, i din realize more than three days have alr passed!' ^_^


Okay, I'm joking, but still, no harm in imagining a scenario, yeah? Btw, twin~! I got a job~!!! Like, finally~!!! Hahahaha~ It's uber busy though, working in a bookstore, at the kids' section~ but it's all good~ it's so busy that time just flies by(ha-ha. the scenario above. maa~)

Anyway, just wanted to let you know I finally got a job~ miss you my fanfic twin~! ;3 *glomps tight* *piles a bunch of AoiHa, GrimmIchi, TykiAllen cookies*

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8/5/13 20:09 (UTC)
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LOLOLOL. Now that you have a job, that scenario is not impossible to happen anymore. Congratulations, twin! Welcome to the real adult world!!! I hope the kids are not giving you a hard time, ne~ And I hope you'll still have time to do your fangirl duties, kukukuku... XDD Nonetheless, I'm really happy for you! After months of looking and hunting, finally~ *gifts you with grimmichi plushies and tykiallen cupcakes*

Oh, btw, twin~ I'm planning to go to Singapore next year. Do you think it'll be possible for us to meet? I swear I'm not a creep/psycho~ Uhuhuhuhu... XDD And about the gazette ticksssss... the band will have a European tour this year and if they do decide to continue with their so-called world tour, they might also do an Asian tour, well, I'm hoping they would. *crosses fingers* If that happens, there's a big possibility they'd go to your country or in Hong Kong, ne~ If they go to Singapore, I swear I'm going to sell my soul to the devil to really really REALLY get there. ;____;

Anyway, hope ya doing fine~ Don't stress yourself out too much ne~ *hugs*


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