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I feel so excited and also nervous for my coming trip. I only have one and a half-month left to prepare for it and it feels surreal. I've never traveled abroad. I haven't even been on a plane before, so I'm quite nervous. I'm not afraid of heights but I have no freaking idea how being on a plane would feel. I just hope I wouldn't scream or cry or demand the flight crew to land so they can drop me off to safer ground, LOL.

Anyway, I do think this is a good start. I mean, I've never really thought about traveling outside the country before. I've always thought such luxuries are only for the rich or for those who can afford it. Hopefully, it'll be a great experience and I'll gain the courage to travel to other countries too. My friends said they'd like to go to Bangkok next year, but I'm not sure if I'll go with them because I have my eyes set on another destination. I really want to go to Singapore or India next year. Basically, because I have a few friends that I want to see or hopefully meet. It sounds so ambitious but if I can go to HK, then I can go to those countries too, right? Maybe I can even go to Japan someday. LOL. But that will probably take me four years... four years that I'm willing to work hard and stay hungry for.

In other news, the GazettE fandom basically exploded yesterday when the teaser and the band's new looks were released. My thoughts when I first saw Uruha's giant diva hat:


I cried, rolled over the floor (literally) and I had to cover my mouth to escape any shrieking or humiliating sounds that would catch the attention of roaming bosses around the office but heck, just... damn. I can't wait for FADELESS. It is so going to be an awesome shingle. XD

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2/8/13 03:12 (UTC)
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I flew all the way to Japan. You'll be fine. (Ha, I'm going overseas in a little less than two months, too - the Germany trip, during which I will see GAZETTE and hit up Oktoberfest. I will be one drunk and happy fangirl.

Oh, God, the Fadeless preview! I'm loving what we've heard of the song so far - it has a real Stacked Rubbish vibe, meaning the band is getting back to its roots. And the looks! The stylists have outdone themselves - other than Decade, this may be their best overall look since Before I Decay. (I may have almost fallen over face-first on my desk at work when I saw Kai stretched out seductively on the bed. May.)

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2/8/13 03:27 (UTC)
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LOL. I know I'll be fine but what makes it so difficult to go to Japan is the fact that they require so many documents for tourists from my country and the $2300 that I need to have in my bank account so I can apply for a visa. It's not impossible but it will take a long time to save that much money. Oh, the joys of living in a third-world country. -_-

Ah, yes. Please please please share the feels and the juicy bits during that epic GazettE concert. Xd

IKR. Fadeless sure is going to be an awesome single and the looks... it's to die for. The last time I remember flipping my shit so bad for their looks was around DECADE and thank goodness for some hot sex-goddess yuminess from Leader-san. XD

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2/8/13 04:17 (UTC)
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I scared the hell out of my cats when I saw the preview.
It was SO surreal.
I had just clicked back over to the FB tab, hit refresh, and BOOM! Right at the top, was the preview.
I shrieked -totally surprised that I didn't wake up my entire complex. My kid even slept through it!!-
But ya know he's fucking WORKIN' IT!! But what's under this hat? OH! Long dark hair! I love it! ^^

.....I won't get started on Aoi... omg. *-*


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4/8/13 08:44 (UTC)
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I think we have scared other people because of our sudden outburst and surprise spazz fest but we couldn't be blamed, it's GazettE for fuck's sake, LOL. I'm just glad that your kid slept through it and wasn't disturbed by your screaming, ahaha. XD

Ah, Aoi... looks so freaking romantic there. He's gorgeous but he looks romantic, like he has toned down his sexiness a bit and just went all "I'm going to romance you" mode. XD

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2/8/13 13:16 (UTC)
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You don't have to worry about the flight, it's a great experience :)

Traveling is great! You definitely need to travel more often! It's so interesting to learn about other cultures though I have to say the Swisses weren't thaaat interesting

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4/8/13 08:45 (UTC)
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Thanks, dear~ I hope it is going to be a great experience. I can't help but feel nervous, though. ^_^"

Woman, you should travel to someday and maybe we can meet and hangout and talk about everythingggggggggggg. XD

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4/8/13 10:10 (UTC)
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I'm sure it will :D

Lol that would be a lot of fun :P
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