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I feel so excited and also nervous for my coming trip. I only have one and a half-month left to prepare for it and it feels surreal. I've never traveled abroad. I haven't even been on a plane before, so I'm quite nervous. I'm not afraid of heights but I have no freaking idea how being on a plane would feel. I just hope I wouldn't scream or cry or demand the flight crew to land so they can drop me off to safer ground, LOL.

Anyway, I do think this is a good start. I mean, I've never really thought about traveling outside the country before. I've always thought such luxuries are only for the rich or for those who can afford it. Hopefully, it'll be a great experience and I'll gain the courage to travel to other countries too. My friends said they'd like to go to Bangkok next year, but I'm not sure if I'll go with them because I have my eyes set on another destination. I really want to go to Singapore or India next year. Basically, because I have a few friends that I want to see or hopefully meet. It sounds so ambitious but if I can go to HK, then I can go to those countries too, right? Maybe I can even go to Japan someday. LOL. But that will probably take me four years... four years that I'm willing to work hard and stay hungry for.

In other news, the GazettE fandom basically exploded yesterday when the teaser and the band's new looks were released. My thoughts when I first saw Uruha's giant diva hat:


I cried, rolled over the floor (literally) and I had to cover my mouth to escape any shrieking or humiliating sounds that would catch the attention of roaming bosses around the office but heck, just... damn. I can't wait for FADELESS. It is so going to be an awesome shingle. XD
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