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It has been raining nonstop since yesterday, or rather last Saturday night. There's currently a typhoon and well, let's just say that it's one of those typhoons that is more torrential/heavy rain and less wind. We've all been praying that it will all go away last night, but sadly, it's still raining and going to work today has been a bitch since most major streets are flooded. I can already imagine how many people are going to be late or won't even be going to work today because of the floods. It's already flooded outside my house, but luckily, it isn't that deep yet and the water hasn't gone inside, but if this continues, I can imagine us evacuating somewhere. Fuck.

I can see another tragedy in the making and I hope this typhoon isn't going to cause that much trouble or wouldn't take lives. We can handle trouble but not people dying. It's funny how the city government is saying that we're ready for such calamity and despite the cleaning and de-clogging operations they've made to major sewers and canals, most parts still easily get flooded. The worse part, it's been said that these torrential rains might  continuously fall until Wednesday. It's just like what happened last year alright.

Ah, I can already see the owners of this damn company I'm working for showing their heartlessness to their employees who would get stranded in their houses because of the flood. I understand that this is business, but heck, students show more concern and sympathy to their teachers than they do. Then again, business is business.
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