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Day two of the dreaded storm. The floods have subsided yesterday, but alas, it rained like hell last night until morning and now most streets are not passable again. My problem, the waters in these streets when I went to work this morning weren't that high and now all of them are non-passable, so the question that is so racking my skull right now is how the fuck do I go home today? All alternate routes are flooded and now I just want to break down and cry because this day has been shittier than yesterday, I'm exhausted as fuck and I have no idea how I can go home later. Looking at those wonderful GIF spoilers of Fadeless and the GazettE isn't doing its magic anymore...

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20/8/13 04:58 (UTC)
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dude that happens here w healthcare workers when it snows really bad here. i hope ur ok!

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20/8/13 20:54 (UTC)
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It does. Thankfully, I managed to get home because the flood has somehow receded. Thank you. ^^

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20/8/13 13:58 (UTC)
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Be safe :(

<3 Gazette is waiting at home for you.

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20/8/13 20:55 (UTC)
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Thank you~ ^^ I managed to get home and the storm has somehow passed. Yey~

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20/8/13 18:40 (UTC)
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My days are also going bad... My laptop just suddenly died! I dunno what the Fuck happened, it just won't start anymore DX
I tried getting it fixed but now its infected with some virus.. I just wanted to cry forever in a corner.
I hope it gets alright and thwn there's the pain of loading everything into it again -le sigh-
I havent even seen the Fadeless PV yet, atleast I could hear the songs, thanks to a dear friend of mine. I can't tell her how much I loved her for it, she will get creeped out, hehe. xD
I'm hoping you reached home safely D:

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20/8/13 20:57 (UTC)
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Awww... I feel you there, dude. (hugs* I hope your laptop is going to be okay. Just focus on the beauty of Fadeless, ne? Let the GazettE lift your worries and make your ears orgasm. XDD

Thank you. I got home just fine though it was a battlefield. ^_^;


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