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Title: BlackHole

Chapters: 1 / ?

Author: [ profile] candicecandy and [ profile] venomousliberty

Genre: AU, romance, fluff

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: excessive cheese and fluff

Pairings: Aoi/Uruha

Summary: Black hole, a massive region of spacetime formed at the beginning of a universe or caused by the gravitational collapse of a dying star, it signifies death and birth, the loss of something that was once beautiful and the creation of life itself. Nothing, including light, is able to escape from it. To Uruha, it’s just a small, creepy livehouse in the pits of Ikebukuro, the place where he’ll meet the man who will change his life forever.

Chapter One:

Late at night, in a small alley in Ikebukuro where the streets were void of wandering souls except those who were hoping for a wild night, in a place where the only stores that were open were crowded bars and Izakayas full of overly drunk men and women, a lone man was walking towards a livehouse. His wary, auburn eyes straining against the dim light coming from the lamp posts as he looked at an improvised map he was holding in his hands, cursing under his breath as he asked himself for the umpteenth time that evening if the ugly-scrawled, poor excuse for a map that his best friend had made for him was even correct.

Uruha was a stranger to Tokyo, having grown up in a small town in Kanagawa. He wasn’t familiar with the crowd that flooded the streets of Ikebukuro, or the entire city for that matter. He was usually a careful and reasonable person, and if he was in his right state of mind, he wouldn’t really be venturing out on the streets looking for something or somewhere that he didn’t even know existed. Another sigh escaped him as he remembered a certain spikey-haired blond male who was the reason for his current predicament. His best friend Reita had asked him to get a certain magazine for him that he would only find in a few live houses in Ikebukuro. He had been searching for hours for it and according to the lame map Reita had drawn, there should be another livehouse around. His cautious saucers eyed on the closed shops that lined the somewhat dark alley. Why did he suddenly feel as if someone was watching him? He mentally kicked himself and tried to shove that thought out of his mind. He was scaring himself and as a full-grown adult, he shouldn’t feel fearful walking along a dark alley…. or should he?

Rolling his eyes in exasperation, he focused his attention on the path before him, his eyes darting side to side, briefly checking his surroundings. Suddenly, he paused in his steps and stiffened, nervousness crawling through his body like disgusting worms as he saw a group of people smoking outside of an establishment. He eyed at them closely, making sure if they weren’t gangsters or weirdos or if it would be wise to turn around and avoid them, but he somehow made out that most of them were wearing makeup and the clothes they wore were black and bright, glittered with metal studs and spikes. He took a deep breath as the realization that he might be close to the livehouse he was looking for dawned on him. Steeling himself, he slowly approached the group of people. All of them were men (or maybe not all of them?) who had cancer sticks stuck between their dyed lips as they engaged in a loud conversation about something that he couldn’t really understand. He saw an entrance next to them and tried not to spare them a look as he passed by, a sinking feeling spreading through his chest when he noticed that they had suddenly stopped talking. He felt their colour-coated eyes looking at him with interest and he almost screamed as images of him being raped because they thought he was a woman crossed his mind. Uruha was all male, alright. He had the right package and frankly, he thought of himself as really handsome. But to most people, he was pretty and was considered more beautiful than real women. If ever he’d get attacked in this dark alley, it wouldn’t be the first time that someone had tried to take advantage of him because they thought he was a female.

Biting his bottom lip hard, he continued to ignore the group of Visual Kei rockers as he looked up and saw the sign of the establishment, the words ‘BlackHole’ illuminated by white fluorescent lighting greeting him. Below the signage was a door with steps that led to a basement. He wondered for a few seconds if he should enter or not, but thinking about the time and energy he had wasted to look for this place, he decided to move on and step inside. He started climbing down the stairs, the only thing preventing him from stumbling and falling down was the very dim colored lights that were attached on the walls. He was about to release a relieved sigh for successfully avoiding the strange group of men at the entrance when a dark shadow suddenly popped in his line of vision, causing his heart to jump eagerly to his throat and his lips to let out a shriek. He found himself leaning heavily against the wall, his chestnut brown eyes trying to look at the huge figure that suddenly materialized before him. Surely, this was a person, right? Not a demon or a ghost? He shivered at those ridiculous thoughts and continued to stare, the dim light that fell over them finally displaying the dark shadow’s face.

A pair of dark eyes stared back at him, causing him to unconsciously push himself further against the wall as if he wanted to melt into it. The other presence, which he realized was a man, had a cute nose and plump lips that were currently pulled up into an amused smirk. The stranger was obviously enjoying his pathetic reaction. With irritation bubbling inside him, he straightened up and scowled at the other man, mentally cussing him for scaring him. He wouldn’t really scream like a scared high school girl if he didn’t suddenly pop out of nowhere. He was about to open his mouth to say something, but stopped himself. The sooner he check if Reita’s magazine was there, the sooner he’d get out of that place. He began his descent down the stairs when the other man suddenly spoke.

“Are you here for the live?”

He paused and looked at the stranger again with a wondering expression, his heart playing a frantic beat in his chest. He didn’t know if it was because he was scared or because he realized that the other man was really good looking despite the bad lighting that accentuated his sharp features. He also noticed that the stranger was wearing make up, had wildly-styled hair and had the same kind of clothes that the men by the entrance were clad in. A Visual Kei artist. He shook his head and blinked, snapping himself out of his reverie and took out the picture of the magazine that he had in his pocket. “N-no.” He stammered, hating himself for looking more of a pathetic fool. “I’m looking for this magazine.” He held the paper out for the other man to see. “Did you happen to see a copy of it inside?”

The man took a step closer towards him, leaning over the paper to have a good look at it. He felt his heart ram a wild tune in his chest again as the smell of musk and ylang ylang wafted through his nose, tickling his already muddled senses. After a quick glance, the man looked at him once more, his piercing eyes gazing straight at him. A whimper almost erupted from his throat. He wished the man would stop looking at him as if he was the most interesting spectacle he had ever seen. His stare was deeply disturbing him.

“Why are you looking for this?”

Uruha blinked. If they were in a well-lighted place, he knew the blush burning on his cheeks would have been obvious. “I… I don’t k-know.”

A low chuckle echoed from the other man’s lips, amusement sparkling like a million twinkling stars in his obsidian eyes. “If you don’t know, then why are you looking for it?” He asked.

Uruha couldn’t help but glower at the other man’s reaction. “Because a friend asked me!” He immediately replied and tried not to pout, though he could feel his lips twitching and forming into one.

The other man just looked at him for a few seconds, as if relishing the humiliating expression that he had plastered on his face before replying with a slight shake of his head. “I’m sorry. I don’t know. Why don’t you go ask the staff?”

With a roll of his eyes, Uruha mumbled a ‘thank you’ and turned around to continue his approach towards the livehouse, feeling pissed at the man he had just met and at himself for acting like a fool. Now that he was alone and couldn’t smell the captivating scent that the stranger seemed to emit like nuclear radiation anymore, he could now think clearly. He inhaled deeply and tried to forget the handsome male he met at the stairs.


Uruha looked like he was abused and molested when he finally got out of the livehouse. The whole place was filled with hot and sweaty bodies. The audience, which was rocking out with a Visual Kei band that was performing heavy metal songs, were all screaming and whipping their heads from side to side, uncaring if they’d hit and kill someone with their dangerous hair slashing through the air like leather whips. He fixed the collar of his jacket and brushed off his sleeves as he climbed up the stairs again, thankful that he would be leaving. He knew Reita would get upset that he still hadn’t found the magazine, but he didn’t care. He had spent the entire evening looking for it and he’d had enough with people accidentally touching him everywhere or raping him with their eyes because of his physical appearance.

When he was certain that he looked decent again, he looked up and saw another figure going down the stairs, meeting him halfway. His brows furrowed thoughtfully as he noticed that it was familiar and after a few steps, he realized that the figure belonged to the good looking man he had met at the same spot a few minutes ago.

Aoi was really surprised when he saw the blond again. Okay, maybe he wasn’t that surprised since he was secretly watching the only exit of “BlackHole” the entire time during his smoke, hoping that he’d be able to get a quick glance of that beautiful face again. The blond was like a mystery to him. He obviously didn’t know anything about the Visual Kei world, yet, he was willing to put himself in an unfamiliar situation and risk his own safely just to get a free magazine for his friend. This courage somehow didn’t match up with those delicate features. Maybe it was curiosity, maybe it was attraction, he wasn’t quite sure, but when he looked into those bewildered eyes once again there on the narrow staircase, he realized something. He wanted to know more about this mysterious blond.

“Did you find it?” The brunet smiled warmly as he walked towards the lean body infront of him. He tried to be as friendly as he could, hoping this little gesture would get some kind of response from the blond. A smile maybe? How beautiful would that face be when those rosy lips were pulled into the slightest curve? But to his great dismay, the other man only shook his head disappointedly. Aoi’s brows unconsciously furrowed into a tight knot. As cute as the blond looked in this innocent expression, Aoi didn’t like it. He wanted nothing more than to erase the little frown that was currently invading the blond’s elegant face, but before he could say anything, the other man had already picked up his pace, only leaving a mumbled ‘thank you’ when he walked past him.

So this was it, the last time Aoi would see this unique stranger. He clearly knew that the blond wasn’t a Visual Kei fan and would probably never step into this world again after finding that godforsaken magazine. They would be like two parallel lines, never crossing each other, but that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, right? After all, they were from two different worlds. Aoi tried to reason with himself, but once he saw those frail shoulders moving farther and farther away from him, his brain refused to listen to any of those logics. For all he knew, he didn’t want this to end. Something about the blond really intrigued him and he wasn’t about to let go of the other until he figured out what it was. And who knew how long that would that take? Another 5 minutes? A whole week? Or even a lifetime? He didn’t care. He was determined. If fate had brought two people from two different worlds together to the same dinky staircase at the same time, not only once, but twice, then it must’ve meant something, right? Even if it didn’t mean “something”, then he was going to create his own meaning to it. If fate was no longer in his side, then he was just going to be his own fate!

With that, he caught up to the leaving silhouette, grabbing the blond’s hand and successfully stopping the steps of the other man right before walking out of the livehouse.

Uruha gasped as he felt a firm hand around his arm. He spun around and met the other man’s face, staring directly into those black saucers with surprise and confusion. He would’ve pulled his hand away if he could, but he found himself unable to move, or even breath, a pleasant jolt of something electric spreading through his nerves like wildfire as the stranger held him. What was he planning to do? Why did the other suddenly grab him? Was he going to…? Surely, the man wasn’t planning to do something horrible to him? He was so ready to gather all his strength and push the other man down the stairs so he could escape when the raven suddenly spoke.

“I want you to come to my next live!” Aoi blurted out without allowing himself to regret or even to think. He just wanted to see the blond again, that’s it, nothing more. He felt like he had become one of those hot blooded teenage boys who had fallen in love, so reckless and so impulsive. Wait, love?

‘Don’t be silly, Aoi.’

Aoi mentally told himself and shoved that thought into the corner of his mind. However, his body had already taken in the idea and he could almost feel his ears getting hotter and hotter. Trying to mask his embarrassment, he stuffed a piece of paper into the blond’s milky hand while looking firmly into a pair of warm, honey gold orbs, hoping he could somehow hypnotize their owner with his somewhat “demanding” action. Aoi pretended to be absolutely normal, but deep down, he knew he had never been this nervous before. His heart was racing so fast that he could hear each pulse echoing in his own ears and his empty left hand was shivering ever so slightly as he anticipated an answer from the blond. Just one word, one word coming out from those beautiful lips, then he shall be freed.

The gorgeous blond in front of him was completely frozen, worrying the restless heart of the brunet. Had he completely lost his charm? Was he not going to get the response that he desired? Perhaps he should give himself one last chance to convince the other man. He put a charming smile onto his extraordinarily attractive face, then gently said with a hint of cuteness, “Please?”

Uruha just looked at the man as if the he was out of his mind. Actually, the other man was indeed out of his mind. They had only just met and he didn’t even know what his name was. To make things worse, he met him in a dark stairway of a small livehouse at a dark alley in Ikebukuro and he wanted him to come to his live? Was he crazy? Was he insane? Was he touched in the head? Was he going to say ‘yes’? He continued to stare idiotically at the handsome male before him, his mouth parted in utter shock, his entire body tensed and taut, his mind... Well, it had turned to mush and was now useless because of the smile that was currently flashing in the stranger’s attractive face. He wasn’t easily enamored by attractive people since he was a good looking man himself, but the man before him was definitely different. It was as if… as if… he was attracted to him. He felt something explode inside him and the next thing he knew, he was zooming up the stairs in a flash, running quickly as if he was being chased by a pack of hungry wolves.


The sharp sound of a guitar broke through the thick air of a clustered room, signaling the start of a destructive song and the arrival of rock spirit. As the extravagant arrangement of notes turned into a rhythmic flow of melody, the drums stepped into the game, taking control over the guitar with a firm and steady tempo, the bass then soon joined in the pattern and followed the lead of the drums. But something was missing, the captivating harmony of the guitars was not heard, the rhythm guitar never came into the picture. Sensing the source of the mistake, all the members stopped from playing their instruments and turned to look at a certain dark-haired guitarist who was currently staring into the void before him, hands all ready to play, but his mind had completely spaced out.  

“Aoi.” Silence.

“Aoi!!!” Still no response.

“Earth to AOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Finally, the distracted guitarist snapped out from his absentmindedness and replied with a ‘hum?’

“What’s wrong with you? You’ve been so weird the entire day. And now you’re not concentrating in the band practice?! What is wrong with you?????? ” A worried voice came from the other side of the room.

Aoi paused for a moment to think about the question. Then, looking seriously into the eyes of his fellow bandmates, he calmly asked, “Have I completely lost all of my charm?”

“NO!!!” The bassist and the drummer dramatically rolled their eyes seeing Ayame, the lead guitarist, jumped right before Aoi’s feet with the speed of a ninja and replied in an agitated manner, “Of course you haven’t!”

“Okay…”, Aoi unconsciously leaned back to retain their distance, a little taken aback by the overreacting Ayame. “Thank you?”

Ayame was the newest and youngest member of the band, barely turning nineteen and still had that teenage boy’s spirit within him. Fitting the image of his name perfectly, he had a tiny frame, round puppy eyes and a cute smile on his face all the time. And for some reason, he was really fond of Aoi. Their bassist had always been teasing Aoi about how he had a little fanboy even in their band, but the raven could never really lighten up at such comments. Ayame liked him just a little bit too much. The rhythm guitarist had seen the other staring attentively at him during his solos at band practice or even at lives. For that, the brunet had always secretly hoped, or even begged, that Ayame was just looking out of curiosity.

Sensing the awkwardness from Aoi, the vocalist, being the one who knew the raven the best and the only one who saw the little incident last night, pushed Ayame out of the way, pretending he didn’t see the little pout on the boy’s face and asked, “Don’t tell me it’s because of the runaway blond.”

‘Of course it is.’

The brunet looked away to hide his frustration. It was the first time, absolutely the first time, that someone had run away from him like that. To make matters worse, he had even used his most alluring charming-attractive-heart-softening smile, yet the blond had just fled like that, as if he was a monster coming out from the blond’s darkest nightmare. Aoi had no idea what was going on in that beautiful man’s brain,yet he couldn’t help but think about him. His soul would just fly out of his body and go seek that cascade of golden hair, those warm captivating honey eyes and that pair of rosy plump lips. Was he too demanding? Did he scare him? Would he come after all? His mind was filled with nothing but thoughts about the blond.

Not wanting to hear Aoi’s comment on a supposedly really pretty stranger, Ayame squeezed in between the vocalist and the rhythm guitarist, interrupting with a innocent smile on his face. “Ne~ Aoi-san is the best no matter what you do, so don’t you even think about doubting your charm! Let’s just not think about those who won’t appreciate you, okay? ”

“Thank you for saying that, Ayame,” the handsome raven smiled tenderly, then quickly changed the subject, cause for the love of god, he really didn’t know how to speak to Ayame without feeling awkward, “Can we go back to the rehearsal now?”

Everyone returned to their position with no complaint. No one seemed to be interested anymore, but what they didn’t notice was the sparkles in Ayame’s eyes and the timid smile he had been hiding since the moment Aoi smiled.


Uruha knew he wasn’t normal when he went back to his uncle’s house, where he was currently staying. A clear indication of this was his sudden fear of people with long, raven hair. Well, it wasn’t really fear, it was more like… discomfort? It was definitely not disgust, but he suddenly felt weird seeing people with long black hair, which was a pain because most people in Japan have black hair and most of them, particularly women, liked keeping them long. He didn’t know why, but he’d blame it to the unusual encounter he had with a strange long-haired male in Ikebukuro. Thank goodness someone invented hair dye and gave people the opportunity to choose if they wanted to be blond, ginger or have rainbow-coloured locks because if it wasn’t invented, he would’ve already volunteered to be confined in a mental institute.

He slumped on the bed and began to take his socks off, his muscles aching and tired. He spent the entire day walking and all he wanted to do was crash on his bed and sleep so he’d have energy to continue his exploration of Tokyo tomorrow. He tossed his socks somewhere on the floor and began to shrug his jacket off. He was about to throw it at the foot of his bed when he felt something in its pocket. He knew what it was and with hesitation, he pulled it out of his coat, staring at it as if it was a scroll bringing some grave news about plagues and a million years of bad luck.

The name of the band was printed on the ticket, as well as other details like the date and time of the live. He had never heard of ‘Artia’ before since he wasn’t a huge fan of Visual Kei unlike his best friend Reita, but he knew that Visual Kei artists are just as talented as ordinary rock musicians. Thoughts of long raven hair, piercing onyx eyes and alluring plump lips filled his head again as he wondered what part of the band the man was. Was he the vocalist? The bassist or the drummer, maybe? Or perhaps he was a guitarist? For some reason, he looked more of a guitarist... And why was he wondering? He wasn’t actually going to the live, right?

He blinked and raised an eyebrow at the ticket in his hand.

No. He wouldn’t go. The stranger, no matter how handsome and sexy he was, was still a stranger. For someone like him who came from a small, quiet town, hanging out with a person he had never met would be like offering himself to the lions. And besides, he wouldn’t lose anything if he didn’t go to the live. It didn’t matter if he couldn’t meet the mysterious raven again because he’d be going home after his cousin’s wedding. He shrugged and was about to crumple the ticket, turning it to useless garbage when his phone suddenly rang. He took the vibrating device out of his pants’ pocket and tapped the call button before bringing it to his ear.

“Did you find one?” Reita’s deep and frantic voiced asked in the other line.

Uruha rolled his eyes and scowled as if his friend could really see the bitterness in his face. “Yes, Reita, I’m fine. I had a wonderful time combing the streets of Tokyo and being almost mugged by a strange Visual Kei rocker while looking for your precious magazine.” He acidly responded.

“So you didn’t find it?” His best friend continued to ask, ignoring his rude remark.

The scowl on his face deepened. “No.”

“Argh! Damn it! I really wanted that magazine!”

“Sorry, I couldn’t get it for you. I mean, it’s definitely okay that I got so tired looking for it and my life was almost in danger, right? I mean, it wouldn’t be much of a loss to you or to society if I get hurt or got raped and killed by pervs who think I’m a woman.” Uruha shot back. He could be as stubborn as a mule sometimes and he wanted his best friend to appreciate what he did for him today.

“Uru, stop being bitter! You’re acting like a kid! And did you mention that you were mugged by a strange Visual Kei rocker? Do you mean you met a Visual Kei artist?” Reita inquired, enthusiasm was present in his voice again.

He sighed and thought about the weird man again, biting his lip as he contemplated if he should tell Reita about the invitation he got from a stranger. He knew that if he told his best friend about it, the other man would bug him to go. It was after all, a chance to watch a rock concert for free and these days, getting free stuff was just as rare as winning the jackpot prize in the lottery. He took a deep breath and scratched the side of his head. He really wanted to talk to someone about what happened to him tonight. “W-well, yes.” He replied, hesitation thick in his voice. “I met him in this dingy livehouse somewhere in Ikebukuro and he gave me a ticket to his band’s live tomorrow.”

“Why would he give you a ticket?” His best friend immediately asked, his voice sounding more eager now.

“I don’t know!”

“What do you mean you don’t know? There must be a reason why that man gave you a free ticket!” Reita answered, his tone sounding a pitch higher. He knew he had now made the other man hungry for details. “What’s the name of his band?”

Uruha fought the urge to growl, doubtful if he should answer his friend’s question. Reita knew a lot about Visual Kei bands. There was a huge possibility that he would be familiar with the strange male’s band. “It’s… Artia.” He replied with his eyes closed, as if he had just pushed a button that would kill an entire alien race. He patiently waited for Reita to react, but he was met with silence. He quickly opened his eyes and continued to wait, a look of confusion etched on his pretty face. “R-reita?” He asked. Maybe the line was cut or something? “Rei, are you still there?”


Uruha almost threw his phone away at the booming voice that cracked his eardrum. “What the hell, Reita!!! If you know them, just say yes! You almost made me deaf!”

“B-but, Uru… D-damn it! You met a member of Artia! He wants you to go to their live! You have to go, you hear me? You have to go!” Reita frantically said and Uruha could picture him jumping up and down like a kid on his bed.

“Why should I? I’m not a fan of them! If you want to go to the live, then come here to Tokyo! I’ll gladly give you this ticket!” Uruha knew this would be happening and frankly, he didn’t want to be swayed. But why did he feel as if he’d still want to go to the live even if he hadn’t told Reita about it?

“You know I can’t do that!” His friend yelled. “Seriously, Uru, you have to go! Artia is a badass band and they have a pretty talented bassist and guitarists! Don’t miss this chance, come on!”

Uruha stayed silent, his teeth busy chewing on his bottom lip as he thought about it. If he decided to go to the live, then he would be seeing that stranger again and he knew he would harbor more peculiar feelings for people with long, black hair. The mysterious raven seemed to have awaken weird feelings inside him that caused him to act so strangely and make a fool out of himself. It was only logical that he shouldn’t be seeing him again, right? As much as he wanted to tell himself that he didn’t, there was an annoying little voice inside him that was begging to disagree. He let out a sigh and ran his hands through his golden hair.

“So, are you going?” Reita asked quietly, anticipation heavy in the other’s deep voice.

He let out a sigh and groaned. “I’m beat. I’m going to bed now. Good night, Rei.” He coldly responded before hanging up.



candicecandy: Hello everyone who’s reading this! ♡ Team cheese is back to give you more sugar and fluff! We really hope you enjoyed the beginning of this story. This story is inspired by my personal experience, and like every other fangirl out there, we thought of Aoiha right away! So this is it, another fulffy romance of our favourite guitarists~ Please tell free to leave any comments below, we love hearing from you. Thank you so much for reading.

venomousliberty: Hey, minna~ After a short hiatus, I’m finally back with my fluff partner, Candy, to bring you some teeth-rotting sweetness. We hope you liked the first chapter and will look forward to the next ones. Thank you for reading. ^^

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