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So I can finally get them done and over with. -_-"

Uruha overload part 3 )

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Still have a long way to go... I love you, URUHA!!! XDD

Uruha overload part 2... )
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I've forgotten to accomplish this. I've been lazy, okay? But I realized I should finish what I've started. Sorry for the spam y'all. XD

Uruha overload... )

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*sighs dreamily*

And only two days left till DIVISION! I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! 

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Uruha and all those feathersssssss... just love.

And a shameless act of posting my picture. I just like this collage or these pictures. I'm not photogenic so I rarely fall into nice shots like these. Camera, thank you for not failing me when I decided to camwhore last night, LOL.

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Clueless Uruha is cute!

I had my ears pierced today. I maybe a masochist but I'm loving the burning feeling in my earlobes right now. LOL. I'll accomplish my August goal next month! Go, self!!!
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My usual sentiments: Uru, why so perfect?

Aaaand I'm about to update TWO SIDES! Anyone remember this fic? With me staying at home and nothing else to do, I finally have time to work on it. And my twin,[ profile] ringo_suki_desu, the next chapter of ATF is half-way finished, kufufufu...
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He reminds me of a vampire here. Nonetheless, he looks ridiculously goodlooking in casual clothes. kadjflsjfksjflksfjskj

Aaand my ears still hurt like a bitch. The possibility that I'll be having another restless night is huge. -_-

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That nose... those lips... :Q___

And it's Monday again tomorrow and I'm still down with a cold. I don't want to go to work tomorrow. T___T

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Love his 'RED' look. He looks hot in red. XD


Old-school~ He looked so cute back then.

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Cassis = LOVE.
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Uru looks so gorgeous too in casual clothes. Look at that lone eye... it stares right into your soul. @.@


Aaaand I saw my make up kit today. Found it when I rummaged in my crowded cabinet and decided to play with it. Well, actually I've decided to touch it again because I got jealous of my friend, [ profile] sweetmegami, who took a nice picture of herself with my copy of RnR that featured Uruha. I thought I should have one too because I'm obsessed like that, LOL.

[ profile] sweetmegami's pic:


My crappy pic:


And yeah, I feel kinda stupid doing a duck face. *slaps self*
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Remember this look? This scene? Who also cried when Uruha and the rest of the band cried in Tokyo Dome? TT__TT

In a positive note, a VK band called Uchino Sentai NOIZ will go here in the Philippines in September and will have a tour. A lot of VK fans here are looking forward to watching them and me too. I've seen and heard the PV of the rendition they made of a famous local song and it was flipping amazing. Actually, they did a greater job than the band who composed and sang the song. Sorry, Kamikazee. Anyway, I think this can be a good opportunity for Visual Kei to be well-known here. ^^
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One of my faves, simple but very sleek, the Chizuru look. *coughchestcough*

I listened or rather watched longer and maybe almost complete version of DERANGEMENT. It's just as frigging awesome as Ibitsu, the video is probably as sexy as hell, but my heart connects more to Ibitsu. XDD
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Who wants some curly long-haired Uruha? I DO!!! XD

And yes, I'm still listening to Ibitsu, for two straight days and it's now the most played track in my library. Sorry, Guren. I still love you, though. XD
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He looks a bit sleepy here but them lips... them lips... *drools*

And yes, still listening to Ibitsu... has been for 24 hours now, nonstop, even when I slept last night and my iPod still has 45% battery life. XDD
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His Hyena look is definitely one of my faves~ @.@

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I never really liked his PLEDGE look but his lips look so frigging sexy in this picture... as always. XD
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Today was not a good day, but posting these makes me happy. @.@

And yes, I'm listening to Big Time Rush just for the heck of it. -_-
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Can't stop staring at his lips. <3 _ <3