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So after a year, my muse for my former fandom, GrimmIchi is back. I'm so happy~ *creys tears of joy* It has been a long time since I last updated my Bleach fic and I've been getting a few messages from my account, asking when I'll update it. I've always wanted to update but muse is so hard to find when you feel that the fandom is dying, you're distracted by Jrock and you're busy as hell. *sighs*

I guess [ profile] ringo_suki_desu would be happy to hear this, but I haven't heard from my fanfic twin in a while. She's probably busy job hunting and don't want any distractions so... *shifts awkwardly* Anyway, twin! If you're reading this. I'll be back soon. I did promise that I'll finish ATF, didn't I? :')

I feel a little productive in terms of writing, these days. I guess it's because I want to be distracted from the usual ghosts and worries that plague me.

Anyway, R&R 047 that featured Shou finally arrived today and I pretty much went all ASDFJGLFJSLEDMKFJD when I saw very wet!Shou. He's so sexy. SEXY, I say and he's not even naked, wtf! I restrained myself from buying A9 or other bands' singles to save up for the GazettE's releases but I just NEED to have this issue, LOL. And besides, Koichi of MEJIBRAY is in there, so yeah, another good reason for me to have it.

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My plot bunnies are active and on a roll these days. I've been posting stuff I worked on weekends for two consecutive weeks now and I feel another lusty fic coming on this weekend (choosing between an Aoi/Ruki fic or a Tora/Shou one). I think this is my chance to do all the gift fics I've promised to my wonderful friends. Unfortunately, these plot bunnies and strong urges to write only work on Jrock fics, not the one I'm working on for Bleach.

It has been ages since I last updated my fic in the Bleach archive and surprisingly and sadly, I don't feel any desire to update it. OH NO. Then, the other day, I had the terrible idea of giving all my Bleach merchandise away to my sister and nieces, WTF. I'm afraid I'm in this state wherein you have lost almost all your passion for something and doesn't care about it anymore, which makes me feel really bad because I love Bleach like hell... but I just don't see anything interesting going on in the manga and I've... ugh. Yes, Kubo, you fucking cocktease. I hate you!!! I'm so sorry, twin, [ profile] ringo_suki_desu. Maybe this is another phase, yet again, but I'll still try to finish ATF for you.
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BECAUSE OF WHAT I DID. Ehehehe... hehehe...

You see, I re-wrote the entire chapter of ATF and changed everything and now I'm almost finished with it and is currently writing the last scene that will probably made you think that I'm seriously fucked up in the head. JUST BE READY FOR IT? OKAY? OKAY. This is TOTALLY different and this has never happened in the Royal Fiancee manga but it was such a good random idea I just had to entertain it. OKAY? OKAY.


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I've been writing for six years and after getting a job, it has been harder to update and actually find enough strength and motivation to do it. Well, not that people in the Aoiha fandom would notice my presence, LOL. But I do feel sad to leave the fandom I've stayed with for years, the Bleach or GrimmIchi fandom. I'm not planning to retire today or after posting this, but next year. I have to finish all my ongoing fics until January arrives and write all the giftfics I've promised to my friends. Ughhh... I think I'm killing myself here. LOL.

But I've decided.

God knows how much I love writing, but it's time to let go it go and focus on more important matters. I'm not gonna stop reading, though so writers are not safe from my shameless spazzing and rambling over their awesome stuff. :P

P.S. I'm so exhausted, but today was a good day. It's probably because of my motto. "I don't give a fuck about anything today." It helped.
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So, I had a chat with one of my closest friends who's currently working in Japan today on Facebook. Before going to Japan, she was not a big fan of Visual Kei or yaoi and while she's staying there, she eventually changed and she's now a certified VK and yaoi fan. She told me that her co-teacher, who's Japanese, asked her a question.

My friend:
A Japanese asked me about who would I like for Ichigo. She gave me options. Is it gonna be Inoue? Rukia? I carefully thought about my answer and told her it's ' Grimmjow.' I almost laughed from her reaction. I was also surprised by my answer. I acted like a lunatic.

Okay, our convo was in our native language so this is a rough translation, but that was just so funny and amusing and uh... I kinda gave her a link of my jrock fic 'Destiny in a Picture' and well, didn't expect her to look around the journal and she stumbled upon my Ichi/Grimm fic 'Attention Seeker' so now, she knows that I write smut and yaoi and she doesn't seem to give a damn if I'm a perverted bitch, LOL. But yeah, anyway, I feel kinda relieved that she's not weirded out by my weirdness, haha.
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Title: Invisible
Author: Confusion No Hime
Pairing: Grimmjow/Ichigo
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ichigo encounters an invisible entity that desires to take him.
Warnings: This fic contains yaoi/homosexual themes, graphic sexual content, bad language, grammatical slips and possible OOCness.
Dedication: For Curiosity Killed Kristy or [ profile] ieffinheartme here on LJ.

Breath turning into short gasps, Ichigo slowly opened his eyes and was still surprised to see that no one was on top of him. A delightful jolt shot up his spine as he noticed the hollow opening on his groin, a sign that a hand had truly intruded the confines of his hakama, touching his now swollen organ. )

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Title: The Surprise
Author: Confusion No Hime
Pairing: Grimmjow/Ichigo and Renji/Ichigo
Genre: Romance
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Grimmjow and Ichigo celebrate their third year anniversary as a couple. Grimmjow gives his lover an extra-ordinary surprise in the form of a man with long, crimson hair.
Beta Reader: Keadeblue264
Dedication: For Jolly Marida

What the fuck was going on? He gathered his scattered thoughts and glowered at the trespasser, his desire squandering away as humiliation was the only emotion ruling in his chest. "Renji, what the fuck are you doing here?" )

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Title: Attention Seeker
Author: Confusion No Hime
Pairing: Ichigo X Grimmjow
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: smut and a uke!Grimmjow.
Summary: Grimmjow always makes fun of his Chemistry teacher Ichigo to get his attention. What happens if the teacher suddenly invites him to his office?
Note: A fic requested by Kourt.
Sequel: The Yukata Fever
Disclaimer: I don’t own Bleach.

He wanted his teacher to get really mad at him, scream at him, glare murderously at him and focus his attention on only him. )

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Title: The Yukata Fever (Part 2)
Author: Confusion No Hime
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Grimmjow X Ichigo and some Shuhei X Renji
Warnings: yaoi/malexmale, bad language, sexual graphical scenes and potential OOCness.
Summary: Ichigo gives Grimmjow what he wants on his eighteenth birthday during the Summer Festival and underneath the fireworks.
Prequel: Attention Seeker
Beta Reader: Keadeblue264

Note: This story was split into two parts because it's too long according to LJ.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Bleach.

Ichigo slowly looked at him and smiled knowingly. “Are you ready to claim your gift, Grimmjow-kun?” )

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Title: The Yukata Fever (Part 1)
Author: Confusion No Hime
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Grimmjow X Ichigo and some Shuhei X Renji
Warnings: yaoi/malexmale, bad language, sexual graphical scenes and potential OOCness.
Summary: Ichigo gives Grimmjow what he wants on his eighteenth birthday during the Summer Festival and underneath the fireworks.
Prequel: Attention Seeker
Beta Reader:
Note: This story was split into two parts because it's too long according to LJ.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Bleach.

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Title: Seven Days
Author: Confusion No Hime
Pairing: Hichigo X Ichigo or Shirosaki X Ichigo
Genre: Romance
Rating: R
Warnings: yaoi, bad language, cheesiness
Summary: Shirosaki and Ichigo are supposed to spend seven days together before Christmas. Ichigo is really excited about it but Shirosaki’s job is on their way. Will they be able to spend their first Christmas together?
Note: This is a one-shot gift fic for Sorry for the Anon or Polician.
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach.

The orange head's features finally softened and he leaned close, his forehead touching his lover's. He closed his eyes and inhaled the albino's scent that only made the longing in his heart hurt deeper. "Don't break your promise, asshole." )

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Title: Give It to Me
Author: Confusion No Hime
Pairing: Grimmjow Jeagerjaques X Ichigo Kurosaki
Genre: Romance/Humor
Rating: R
Warnings: Yaoi or MalexMale, sexual innuendos and bad language
Summary: Ichigo can't possibly give IT to Grimmjow, especially if it's still too early in the morning.
Disclaimer: Tite Kubo owns Bleach and its characters.

Ichigo closed his eyes. He really can't give IT to him, not today, not this early in the morning, not before he went to school. )

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Title: Simple
Author: Confusion No Hime
Pairing: Grimmjow X Ichigo
Genre: Romance, Humor
Rating: K
Warnings: yaoi
Summary: You can’t really say that your situation right now is simple when a certain teal-haired Espada kissed you in a room full of Soul Reapers.

Comment: This was my very first Bleach fic. Enjoy.^^
Disclaimer: Bleach and its characters are owned by Tite Kubo.

He looked at the person he wanted to kiss, no, make that the person he now wanted to stab, kill and dice with death in his eyes. )

venomousliberty: (Default) is being a bitch deleting stories without even giving any warning. So far, three of my friends, including [ profile] una_animo , have fallen victims to this terrible attack. Maybe they're deleting fics with NC-17 content. I understand if they think such stories are inappropriate to be posted in their site, but they should've at least give a warning first, send a mail like: 'Hey, we'll be deleting your frigging story because it's full of porn tomorrow. You might want to save back up or prepare yourself.' before they do it! DX 

And since such events are occurring in the damn site these days, I'm thinking of saving my Bleach fics here in my journal but at the same time, I don't want to because I have a lot and posting him here is going to take a LOT of work. But I have to put my fics somewhere. I'd love to post them somewhere else but right now I'm not feeling websites like AO3 or AFF. I'm thinking of making a wordpress or blogger account to make a fanfic archive but I just feel that I don't want to take that option too. -_-

So yeah, I might just post them here even though it's gonna be a pain in the ass. OH GOD, FF, why are you doing this to US? I hope you won't delete my fics too, you fucking site! It took me years to write them and finish the multi-chapters and you're just gonna DELETE them like that? Damn you!!!
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It has been a few months since I finished this fic. I guess it was received well and a lot of people liked it, but whenever I re-read it, I feel as if it's undeserving of the attention it was given. I also have this dreaded feeling that it is forgettable. That it didn't make any impact. That after a long time, people who liked it will forget it.

The fuck is this feeling?

This sucks.

I should be motivated to write but I think I'm demotivating myself more.

The hell.

Blame this on exhaustion and stress.

On a positive note, [ profile] ringo_suki_desu I promise I'll continue on that Poker smut for your fic so you can finally post it.^^

I'm off to bed now.

[ profile] deadlyscarlet: Your fic update made my day and uhhh... I couldn't help but click the Facebook link on your page so I... kinda sent you a request. I'm the one with the ugly name, haha. XD


24/5/12 10:25
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On my search for epic pictures of Uruha in Tumblr, I stumbled upon a certain post about my favorite anime character.

People, meet Grimmjow Jeagerjaques.


I can say that he is probably my ultimate bias. I probably love him more than my jrock biases, LOL. He's just so amazing like that and I wish he was real. Too bad Tite Kubo made the decision of cutting him off in Bleach. In other words, he was probably killed and was forgotten. He's such a waste, though, 'coz he's one of the best things that happened in the Arrancar Arc. His presence would've made the Bleach universe even more awesome.




Just damn.

I want him to rape me, LOL. I won't mind, really. XD


Yes. Those eyes. That hair. That frigging jawbone and ehem... his abs.

Sorry for another useless post in your F-page, dearies. Just trying to cheer myself up here. Please bear with me. XD