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Does anybody know what has happened to the [ profile] aoi_x_uruha community? How come they don't let members post fics anymore? As much as I'm worried about it, I'm also annoyed.  They posted one entry today and it's a question looking for a certain story. What is happening??? Where are the stories???

In other news, I have a terrible writer's block right now. I can't even write my parts in my collaboration fic with [ profile] candicecandy. But I'm trying to get rid of it by writing a ficlet. I'm still alive, people. I'm just busy with life, love and earning money. *slumps against a wall* Ughhh... I have a lot of catching up to do. ;A;


10/10/13 05:12
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So, here I was desperately backing up my fics one by one on Dreamwidth only to find out that the rumor about LJ banning journals with homosexual content isn't true. I'm relieved as fuck but well, since I'm already in the works of using Dreamwidth, I might as well continue. Feel free to add me if you like, LOL.

In other news, I realized that if I want a house, I should stay in this sucky job for at least two more years. I've thought carefully about this a hundred times and decided that I'm going to continue sucking this up just so I could qualify for a house loan next year or in two years. The pain of being an adult... *sighs*
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I saw a GIF post of GazettE's comment in J-Melo last night and now I'm in tears because of mixed happiness and worry. I'd like to think that this is a sign that they'll also be doing an Asian tour next year and they'd choose the Philippines as one of their stops. Please, for the love of everything holy, please make this a sign. *crosses fingers*
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People probably don't care but I'll be on hiatus till October. The stress coming from my job is too much and there's the jitters and the preparations I need to do for my coming trip next month. I'm basically not in the right mind set to write anything. I'll be updating Through Darkness and Silence and TWO SIDES and write all the sequels I've planned for some one-shots I've written when my life is finally back to normal.

On a positive note, I'll be doing another collaboration with my sugary partner in fluff and fanfic scientist [ profile] candicecandy and we're both excited to start working on it. Hopefully, writing with her would get my lazy plot bunnies' asses to work again on October. I'll still be reading fics, of course and I have a lot of stories on my list to read and catch up with.

I hope next week ain't gonna be as bad as the last one. I think I won't survive another week filled with dark clouds, heavy rains, massive floods and inconsiderate bosses. *crosses fingers*
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Day two of the dreaded storm. The floods have subsided yesterday, but alas, it rained like hell last night until morning and now most streets are not passable again. My problem, the waters in these streets when I went to work this morning weren't that high and now all of them are non-passable, so the question that is so racking my skull right now is how the fuck do I go home today? All alternate routes are flooded and now I just want to break down and cry because this day has been shittier than yesterday, I'm exhausted as fuck and I have no idea how I can go home later. Looking at those wonderful GIF spoilers of Fadeless and the GazettE isn't doing its magic anymore...
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It has been raining nonstop since yesterday, or rather last Saturday night. There's currently a typhoon and well, let's just say that it's one of those typhoons that is more torrential/heavy rain and less wind. We've all been praying that it will all go away last night, but sadly, it's still raining and going to work today has been a bitch since most major streets are flooded. I can already imagine how many people are going to be late or won't even be going to work today because of the floods. It's already flooded outside my house, but luckily, it isn't that deep yet and the water hasn't gone inside, but if this continues, I can imagine us evacuating somewhere. Fuck.

I can see another tragedy in the making and I hope this typhoon isn't going to cause that much trouble or wouldn't take lives. We can handle trouble but not people dying. It's funny how the city government is saying that we're ready for such calamity and despite the cleaning and de-clogging operations they've made to major sewers and canals, most parts still easily get flooded. The worse part, it's been said that these torrential rains might  continuously fall until Wednesday. It's just like what happened last year alright.

Ah, I can already see the owners of this damn company I'm working for showing their heartlessness to their employees who would get stranded in their houses because of the flood. I understand that this is business, but heck, students show more concern and sympathy to their teachers than they do. Then again, business is business.
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I feel so excited and also nervous for my coming trip. I only have one and a half-month left to prepare for it and it feels surreal. I've never traveled abroad. I haven't even been on a plane before, so I'm quite nervous. I'm not afraid of heights but I have no freaking idea how being on a plane would feel. I just hope I wouldn't scream or cry or demand the flight crew to land so they can drop me off to safer ground, LOL.

Anyway, I do think this is a good start. I mean, I've never really thought about traveling outside the country before. I've always thought such luxuries are only for the rich or for those who can afford it. Hopefully, it'll be a great experience and I'll gain the courage to travel to other countries too. My friends said they'd like to go to Bangkok next year, but I'm not sure if I'll go with them because I have my eyes set on another destination. I really want to go to Singapore or India next year. Basically, because I have a few friends that I want to see or hopefully meet. It sounds so ambitious but if I can go to HK, then I can go to those countries too, right? Maybe I can even go to Japan someday. LOL. But that will probably take me four years... four years that I'm willing to work hard and stay hungry for.

In other news, the GazettE fandom basically exploded yesterday when the teaser and the band's new looks were released. My thoughts when I first saw Uruha's giant diva hat:


I cried, rolled over the floor (literally) and I had to cover my mouth to escape any shrieking or humiliating sounds that would catch the attention of roaming bosses around the office but heck, just... damn. I can't wait for FADELESS. It is so going to be an awesome shingle. XD
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I'm so hating my life right now. Sure, there's the usual monthly bout of depression visiting me like a goddamn period and the stress of work and saving up for my trip glaring at me in the face, but the reason why I hate my life right now is because I can't sleep. Well, fuck. I've only slept for two hours last Sunday evening and that's most likely to repeat tonight because some fucking people decide to have a party and sing their hearts out in their fucking karaoke machine in full volume.

Chances of them stopping their horrible singing till 11:00 strikes: 10%

Chances of me not sleeping at all tonight and going to work all groggy and looking like I was raped the next morning:90%

I've somehow given up on the hopes of getting any sleep. It's like an unreachable dream right now I want to cry, laugh, bash my head on the wall, kill someone... or kill some people or poke my eyes out till I bleed to death. But seriously, all I really want is to sleep straight for at least five hours and be okay the next day. It's so funny that I'm crying like fuck right now because I want that so bad and yet it seems to impossible.
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I feel guilty and I hate it. I usually mind my own business at work and don't give a damn about what other people do in their free time, but I couldn't stop myself from ranting out on new employees that hung around in the pantry this morning and treated the damn place as if it was their living room. I felt pissed because it was peak hours and the possibility of making violations and mistakes are high. Everyone was busy and some who weren't stayed in their workstations and pretended to be busy. I mean, like, seriously, you don't just gather in the pantry and be all noisy and stuff during work hours. So I ranted out to a friend. I didn't mean to tell the higher ups what the newbies were doing but heck, she went on reporting it to our head team leader and now I feel guilty... or maybe worried? Because I don't want them to think that I told on them because I was being a noisy, envious bitch. But then, maybe I was? Well, not really, but as much as possible, I don't like being involved in stuff like this.

I'm starting to hate this day.
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This is why I hate being a teacher. )
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Ramble about kittens... )


12/5/13 15:26
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After a week of abstaining myself from visiting LJ and reading and writing fics, I've decided to go on hiatus and take a break... a very long break. I don't know when I'll continue writing again or if I will ever continue, but I just have this feeling that I need to do this.

I apologize to those who are waiting for updates and thank you for reading the results of my insanity and obsessive love for the GazettE and AoixUruha. :)
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I should seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY stop writing or dedicating multi-chaptered fics to people.

I have this strong feeling that "Through Darkness and Silence" is going to have the same fate with "TWO SIDES"

*sighs and kicks nearby object*

On a lighter note, I'm feeling better now and though it's going to be Monday tomorrow, I'm not surprisingly that worried. I don't feel excited about going to work either. i just feel okay, which I'm grateful for because it has been so long since I felt normal. I hope this continues, but then the dreaded family reunion is just around the corner. It'll be this week and it's going to be for three days. My dad wants me to get off from work for a few days and attend, but I don't want to because frankly, I prefer working my ass of at work than deal with the falseness of all the people who would be going there. I'm trying not to think about that issue, though. I don't want to worry about it.
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I deactivated my Facebook account. Not sure if it's going to be forever or if it's going to be temporary thing 'coz I might change my effed up mind once I've got a hold of my anger, so yeah. I also deactivated this journal last night because I felt the need to get away from everyone, but then I received some messages in my email from [ profile] deadlyscarlet and [ profile] luvthe_gazette asking me how I was and from [ profile] veroxion, updating me about my fic, so that's kind of like a splash of ice cold water in the face. Thus, I've activated it again.

I'm not sure about my FB account, though. The only reason why I've stuck with it for so long is because I get all the updates about Jrock in there and it's the only way I can communicate with my sister. But it's not like I can't make another account and just add people who are not a threat to my already messed up sanity. -_-

Anyway, I realized that I just can't let go of the people I met here and writing because they are one of the reasons why I'm still sane and haven't killed someone.
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Boredom has struck once more. Pretty much, I've been feeling this way since the year started and I guess the feeling just gets stronger and stronger as time passes. It's hard to stay motivated because so far, nothing really good has happened to me and it turns out that I can't quit this life-sucking job yet at least until September. I'm sick and tired of dragging myself to work every morning and going through my classes with a very flat and bored tone. I don't even know why my students haven't complained me yet and frankly, I don't really care if they will. I just want September to come so I can finally move on and actually look for a new job.

My personal life is also very, very boring... as usual. My dad is still bugging me to go to our family reunion next month and he says I should to get my inheritance. Now, how the hell am I supposed to believe that an uncle whom I've only seen twice in my life would actually give me a percentage of his wealth? Seriously. Some of my friends at work still drive me crazy but I guess they've somehow gotten the idea that I don't like it when they ramble about their fandom or bias to me. Indeed, my coldness towards them had paid off and yet, it's weird because I don't feel anything. I don't feel bad that we don't talk or see each other that much anymore and I don't know if they are concerned with me slowly drifting away from them.

I hope this feeling goes away real soon. It's pretty exhausting to feel bored with life and live like a zombie.
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I've been gone for two days and I thought everything was peaceful and quiet then I suddenly read something about an 'unpopular opinion' Gazette blog and that the RnR 047 that features a hot and wet Shou I ordered from CDJapan is missing? What the fuck is happening? Was the dead cat by the side of the road I saw on my way home yesterday a bad omen? And I was hoping that I'd miss being back to my normal life. -___-
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My dad's been bugging me about going to my half-brother's wedding and it's really REALLY annoying. I'm not close to my half-brother and the last time I checked, his future wife ignored my existence when I tried talking to her. They didn't invite me to the wedding so why the fuck should I go? "You need to be there." WHAT THE FUCK? REALLY? WHY? They're still going to get married whether I go there or not so why?

I really hate my dad! He always pretends that everything is okay when it's not! That all his children get along well with each other! That it's okay for him to go back to my fucking life again when he left us seventeen years ago for another woman!
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1. See the GazettE live, with my own eyes. Doesn't matter how, doesn't matter where, I will see them and I will work freaking hard to make that happen.

2. Go to India and meet [ profile] deadlyscarlet. I don't know how long it will take me but I am dead set on making this happen.

3. See and experience spring, fall and winter. I don't care where. I just want to see real snow and try making a snowman or have snowball fights, feel cherry blossoms landing on my palms and see red maple leaves falling down from trees.

4. Go to Japan, see OOR live or any other jrock bands that I like. Visit Harajuku and Odaiba. See Mount Fuji and eat 'real' takoyaki and okonomiyaki. Experience a real izakaya.

5. Volunteer for Red Cross or in any worldwide organization. Help people.

6. Buy my own house. This will probably take me 25 years.

7. Find someone to love. LOL. This. Seriously. Doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman. I just want someone who'll love me for who I am.

Wrote them down to remind me why I still have to live in this world.
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I am OFFICIALLY done with my overtime work, which means I am FREE and I can finally go back to my normal life!!! But will I ever do it again? Even if I want to, my body can't, which is another solid proof that I should really REALLY get a job with a higher pay if I want to earn more. *sighs* It's time to go job hunting again, but I'm glad that I survived doing this shitty overtime work for a month. It was tiring and it was not actually worth the effort because I didn't really earn that much, but the students were fun.

Anyway, I'm on a four-day vacation now because of the holiday. I can finally catch up on all the fanfic updates I missed and continue working on my lame fics, LOL. [ profile] candicecandy, let us finish our ficcu~ XD