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I went to work feeling all sleepy and uninspired today. As always, I suffered from the usual weekend hangover and actually looked forward to having a bad day simply because it's the first day of the week and shit always hits the fan on Mondays. I went through my schedule, got slightly annoyed that I have a subclass from an absent teacher and stuff, but surprisingly, I didn't get pissed when I realized that all of my students so far were present. Usually, I'd feel thankful and happy if they're absent simply because laziness is getting the better of me and if they're not present, that only means more free time for me. It turns out that this day is becoming quite the opposite of what I've expected it to be. Not sure if it's because of Shou's beautiful selca that I saw in my hotmail feed today or because of the ice cold coffee that I downed before starting my classes, but I feel good right now, surprisingly positive and very patient. I get immediately pissed when my students sound sleepy or when they can't understand my questions or when they make the usual mistakes they make, but today, I didn't feel annoyed or whatsoever. I just let those mistakes, those little ugly things slip by and continued conversing with them with enthusiasm.

My day actually got better when my 06:30 AM student said he was not prepared for our lesson, but he had his textbook with him. Usually, I'd get really irritated when that happens. So, we went on with our class and even though he struggled to answer the exercises, he still did his best to express themself. The lesson was about 'Driving' and he mentioned that he liked sports cars, so I asked, "Why do you like sports cars?" His answer was, "Because engine sound broom broom!" I laughed out loud and he did too because this is a 30-something guy and he actually went to such lengths to convey his thoughts. I laughed not because of the mistake he made but because he sounded so adorable and cute doing it. All in all, this student just made my day. I really appreciate the efforts he exerted in our class and I hope all of my students would be like him, confident, eager and participative. It was then that I realized that even though I'm sick and tired of this job, there's still some passion left in me and I remembered why I couldn't just give it up. This job is fun and fulfilling although it drains the life out of me most of the time.

And with that I end my rant...

Today is a good day even though it's a Monday.

Tomorrow is even better because it's Christmas bonus day. Finally.
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I just don't get how my mind works.

I've been so excited to finally find out and receive my Christmas bonus and now that I actually know how much I'll receive, I don't want to spend a single cent. I don't even want to buy Stacked Rubbish and GEMINI anymore. I just want to put all that money in my savings account for my trip next year.


What the fuck is up with you, brain?



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