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So the GazettE will finally do an overseas tour in South America and Europe. Honestly, I had a bittersweet feeling when I first heard the news because I also want them to come to my country. I even cried for thirty minutes straight. I just felt seriously sad that they won't be going to any country in Asia, but then I realized that this is a good thing. At least, they've decided to go abroad this year. This is a good sign and I should hope that their tour would be successful so they'd do it again and hope that next time, they'll do an Asian Tour too.

I know the GazettE going to the Philippines is as little as o.1% but I'd be happy if they could go to countries like Singapore or Hong Kong 'coz it'll be easier for me to go to those countries. I don't care if I have to sleep on the streets or if I won't get to stay in a hotel, I just need money to buy a plane ticket and a ticket to their concert and see them with my own eyes. That's all I want and all that matters.

I'm really happy that they've taken this step and I hope fans who felt bad about the band not going to their country would realize that complaining to them won't help. Seriously.


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