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I am OFFICIALLY done with my overtime work, which means I am FREE and I can finally go back to my normal life!!! But will I ever do it again? Even if I want to, my body can't, which is another solid proof that I should really REALLY get a job with a higher pay if I want to earn more. *sighs* It's time to go job hunting again, but I'm glad that I survived doing this shitty overtime work for a month. It was tiring and it was not actually worth the effort because I didn't really earn that much, but the students were fun.

Anyway, I'm on a four-day vacation now because of the holiday. I can finally catch up on all the fanfic updates I missed and continue working on my lame fics, LOL. [ profile] candicecandy, let us finish our ficcu~ XD

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28/3/13 08:22 (UTC)
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I'm glad you made it through.

Good luck with job hunting! Maybe you can try going for courses? It could help.

Bring on the fanfiction 8D

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28/3/13 14:28 (UTC)
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Awww... thank you, sweetie~

Courses? What do you mean by courses? XDD

Yes, I will start working on them tomorrowwwwwwwww. I wish I could finish them before I go back to work on Monday~ ^^

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29/3/13 04:27 (UTC)
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About courses ummmm I don't know how to explain it ^^'
It could be called 'educational programs' I guess. Its something you can do that's related to a particular job you want.

If you can then pleeeeaaaase update Two Sides. >3

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1/4/13 19:38 (UTC)
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Oh whyyyyyy didn't I see it????? Well we sure are working on it, aren't we?


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