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I'm so hating my life right now. Sure, there's the usual monthly bout of depression visiting me like a goddamn period and the stress of work and saving up for my trip glaring at me in the face, but the reason why I hate my life right now is because I can't sleep. Well, fuck. I've only slept for two hours last Sunday evening and that's most likely to repeat tonight because some fucking people decide to have a party and sing their hearts out in their fucking karaoke machine in full volume.

Chances of them stopping their horrible singing till 11:00 strikes: 10%

Chances of me not sleeping at all tonight and going to work all groggy and looking like I was raped the next morning:90%

I've somehow given up on the hopes of getting any sleep. It's like an unreachable dream right now I want to cry, laugh, bash my head on the wall, kill someone... or kill some people or poke my eyes out till I bleed to death. But seriously, all I really want is to sleep straight for at least five hours and be okay the next day. It's so funny that I'm crying like fuck right now because I want that so bad and yet it seems to impossible.

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29/7/13 14:45 (UTC)
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You can ask them to stop or call the police if things are so out of hand. I'm pretty sure there's a law that states that 11:00pm is quit hours time (dunno if this is how it's called though). Besides, you can't be the only one who's annoyed by this. Your neighboors must be too so don't be afraid of the party animals' reaction to your request.

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29/7/13 20:01 (UTC)
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I know, bb. That's why I told them a piece of my mind and luckily, they were sober enough to actually listen and stop. *sighs* I still didn't get much sleep though, three hour tops, but that's fine. I hope no one is going to do anything disturbing tonight or I'm going to flip my shit. ._.

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30/7/13 09:34 (UTC)
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At least you got to sleep:P Three hours of sleep is better than no hours at all.

If they want to party so much they can have fun somewhere else, not in a building where everyone wants to sleep :/

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30/7/13 20:11 (UTC)
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Thank you, bb. I'm okay now and I'm glad I had a good sleep last night because no one made any kind of noise. Yay! :D

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31/7/13 09:56 (UTC)
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Yay! That's good to hear *thumbs up*

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29/7/13 16:22 (UTC)
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I agree with the other commenter - you are well within your rights to have these people stopped. Try politely asking them to curb the noise first, and if that doesn't work, go to the building supervisor. If they are doing this outside the perimeters of the noise ordinances in your area, you can definitely call the cops.

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29/7/13 20:03 (UTC)
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Thank you. I've done just that last night. Basically, the party animals are my mom's relatives, so it was quite difficult for me to approach them since we're not really that close. I'm just glad they weren't that drunk and they actually understood.


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