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Tumblr has once again become a haven for spoilers. I thought I was ready for FADELESS but turns out that I'm not and now I'm reduced to this swirling mass of emotional GazettE feels that threatens to combust. Just thinking about how awesome the PV is enough to turn my mind into mush and then there's that stupid fucking part where Aoi and Uruha shares a frame looking all perfect and with faces that says "TAKE IT TAKE OUR AWESOMENESS AND PERFECTION TOGETHER BITCH JUST TAKE IT OH YEAH WE KNOW US BEING TOGETHER DRIVE YOU CRAZY SO TAKE IT SHOVE IT DOWN YOUR THROAT SWALLOW IT WHOLE AND SHIT RAINBOWS AND GLITTER" and Oh god, I'm so sorry but I can't take it! It's too much! It's too fucking much and I've only just seen the piles of GIF it has already spawned! What more if I get to watch the entire PV and listen to the song?

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19/8/13 20:42 (UTC)
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Lol are you sure you're going to make it through the gazefeels? :P

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20/8/13 20:34 (UTC)
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I don't know... I'm just a big mass of GazettE feels right now. XDD Have you listened to the single? XD

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20/8/13 20:58 (UTC)
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I'm sure the next single will be as awesome so make sure to survive this one ^_^ No I haven't listened to it yet. Is it good?

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20/8/13 13:56 (UTC)
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You might convulse and die on the floor maybe XDDD

Honestly though, the Aoiha parts in the PV are love. <3 Ruki also stands out alot to me with his beautiful red lipstick and hair ;___;

The songs are all love, seriously ;__; Gonna be dying in FADELESS feels for the next week or so. ORZ. Are you getting your copy soon? You're missing out on all the fangirling fun! >_

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20/8/13 20:41 (UTC)
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GAAAHHHH! I will gladly convulse and taint the office's carpeted floor with my drool and blood for these men~ They never fail to make awesome music~ XDD

I agree~ When I first watched the PV, I was like 'it's either the director is a huge Aoiha shipper or the other band members are just dying to see some Aoiha love'. LOL. But then, that's probably just my delusional mind talking. Ruki looks beautiful, ne? And red lipstick really looks great on him. *bites lip*

I shall die with you. We will all die. Basically, the entire fandom will be having a blissful death in the next days to come~ I'll be getting my copy one of these days since it has already been shipped, but I have downloaded the files already. Thank you for posting it. ^^


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