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My existence in this fandom is a joke.

It's a big fucking joke.
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I'm so tired.

I just want a long fucking break.

And silence.

And the pressure of society away from me.

And ice cream.

Even an ice cream cone would be fine and yet, I can't have it.

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This is why I hate being a teacher. )
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Ramble about kittens... )


12/5/13 15:26
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After a week of abstaining myself from visiting LJ and reading and writing fics, I've decided to go on hiatus and take a break... a very long break. I don't know when I'll continue writing again or if I will ever continue, but I just have this feeling that I need to do this.

I apologize to those who are waiting for updates and thank you for reading the results of my insanity and obsessive love for the GazettE and AoixUruha. :)
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I should seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY stop writing or dedicating multi-chaptered fics to people.

I have this strong feeling that "Through Darkness and Silence" is going to have the same fate with "TWO SIDES"

*sighs and kicks nearby object*

On a lighter note, I'm feeling better now and though it's going to be Monday tomorrow, I'm not surprisingly that worried. I don't feel excited about going to work either. i just feel okay, which I'm grateful for because it has been so long since I felt normal. I hope this continues, but then the dreaded family reunion is just around the corner. It'll be this week and it's going to be for three days. My dad wants me to get off from work for a few days and attend, but I don't want to because frankly, I prefer working my ass of at work than deal with the falseness of all the people who would be going there. I'm trying not to think about that issue, though. I don't want to worry about it.
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Title: Fantasies of Pink and Duck-Printed Underwear

Chapter: 1/3

Author: [ profile] deadlyscarlet & [ profile] venomousliberty

Beta: [ profile] veroxion

Genre: romance, crack, humour, sex

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: silly Aoi, Aoi’s pet puppy that loves to bully its dim-witted owner, suspicious Uruha, Uruha’s innocent underwear, crazy, stalker-ish and obsessed fangirls.

Pairings: Aoi/Uruha

Synopsis: Aoi-san, we want YOU to CONVINCE the entire band to make a PV for VENOMOUS SPIDER'S WEB. You are an important member of the band and we have high hopes that you'd be able to convince the other members to make a promotional video for this song since you're a charismatic and never say never kind of man.

Comments: This is the result of our excessive obsessing about that certain 'kiss' in Decomposition Beauty and the song,  THE VENOMOUS SPIDER'S WEB.

Chapter 1

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Title: A Mascot’s Surprise

Chapters: oneshot

Author:[ profile] venomousliberty

Genre: Romance, humor and fluff

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: crack and excessive cheesiness?

Pairings: Aoi/Uruha

Summary: Uruha must be dreaming... or maybe he was hallucinating because there was no way that a huge fox holding some balloons had just rang his doorbell.

Comments: This is a birthday and thank you fic for my very dear friend and partner, [ profile] candicecandy, who had made me realized something very important and who are always patient with me. Happy birthday and hope you like this, bb~ :)

What in the mother of freak is this? )

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~Fanfic Archive~

I finally got around to making another fanfic archive. I hope this one works better than the last one I made. Anyway, please feel free to explore, check out the fics and leave a comment if you like. Thank you. *^^*

Please help yourselves to some of my craziness, cheesiness and perversion. )
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Title: Through Darkness and Silence

Chapters: 2/?

Author: venomousliberty

Genre: romance, drama and fluff

Rating: PG-13 for now

Warnings: none

Pairings: Aoi/Uruha or Yuu/Kouyou and Reita/Ruki or Akira/Takanori

Summary: How does love happen between a blind and a mute?

Beta Reader: none for this chapter. [ profile] veroxion is currently busy and I opted not to look for another beta. She is the only beta-reader for me, LOL.

Comments: this chapter is divided into two parts because LJ is being a pain in the butt. I don’t think it’s really that long. WTF.

For: erisawachika

Previous Chapters:

Prologue / 01

What he wanted from the blond was not just friendship, but something so much more than that.  )

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I deactivated my Facebook account. Not sure if it's going to be forever or if it's going to be temporary thing 'coz I might change my effed up mind once I've got a hold of my anger, so yeah. I also deactivated this journal last night because I felt the need to get away from everyone, but then I received some messages in my email from [ profile] deadlyscarlet and [ profile] luvthe_gazette asking me how I was and from [ profile] veroxion, updating me about my fic, so that's kind of like a splash of ice cold water in the face. Thus, I've activated it again.

I'm not sure about my FB account, though. The only reason why I've stuck with it for so long is because I get all the updates about Jrock in there and it's the only way I can communicate with my sister. But it's not like I can't make another account and just add people who are not a threat to my already messed up sanity. -_-

Anyway, I realized that I just can't let go of the people I met here and writing because they are one of the reasons why I'm still sane and haven't killed someone.
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So after a year, my muse for my former fandom, GrimmIchi is back. I'm so happy~ *creys tears of joy* It has been a long time since I last updated my Bleach fic and I've been getting a few messages from my account, asking when I'll update it. I've always wanted to update but muse is so hard to find when you feel that the fandom is dying, you're distracted by Jrock and you're busy as hell. *sighs*

I guess [ profile] ringo_suki_desu would be happy to hear this, but I haven't heard from my fanfic twin in a while. She's probably busy job hunting and don't want any distractions so... *shifts awkwardly* Anyway, twin! If you're reading this. I'll be back soon. I did promise that I'll finish ATF, didn't I? :')

I feel a little productive in terms of writing, these days. I guess it's because I want to be distracted from the usual ghosts and worries that plague me.

Anyway, R&R 047 that featured Shou finally arrived today and I pretty much went all ASDFJGLFJSLEDMKFJD when I saw very wet!Shou. He's so sexy. SEXY, I say and he's not even naked, wtf! I restrained myself from buying A9 or other bands' singles to save up for the GazettE's releases but I just NEED to have this issue, LOL. And besides, Koichi of MEJIBRAY is in there, so yeah, another good reason for me to have it.

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Title: A Little Fun

Chapters: oneshot

Author: [ profile] venomousliberty

Genre: Romance and semi-smut(?)

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: PWP, crossdressing, dirty language

Pairings: Aoi/Uruha

Summary: What more do you want from me, Aoi? I’ve given you what you want and embarrassed myself in front of the entire school for you!

Comments: This is a short piece inspired by a sexy fanart made by [ profile] anknick, who is celebrating her birthday today. Happy birthday and hope you like this, sweetie~!!! ^^

All he wanted was to see Uruha in a fuku and take that goddamn garment off later... )

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Boredom has struck once more. Pretty much, I've been feeling this way since the year started and I guess the feeling just gets stronger and stronger as time passes. It's hard to stay motivated because so far, nothing really good has happened to me and it turns out that I can't quit this life-sucking job yet at least until September. I'm sick and tired of dragging myself to work every morning and going through my classes with a very flat and bored tone. I don't even know why my students haven't complained me yet and frankly, I don't really care if they will. I just want September to come so I can finally move on and actually look for a new job.

My personal life is also very, very boring... as usual. My dad is still bugging me to go to our family reunion next month and he says I should to get my inheritance. Now, how the hell am I supposed to believe that an uncle whom I've only seen twice in my life would actually give me a percentage of his wealth? Seriously. Some of my friends at work still drive me crazy but I guess they've somehow gotten the idea that I don't like it when they ramble about their fandom or bias to me. Indeed, my coldness towards them had paid off and yet, it's weird because I don't feel anything. I don't feel bad that we don't talk or see each other that much anymore and I don't know if they are concerned with me slowly drifting away from them.

I hope this feeling goes away real soon. It's pretty exhausting to feel bored with life and live like a zombie.
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~Fanfic Archive~

I finally got around to making another fanfic archive. I hope this one works better than the last one I made. Anyway, please feel free to explore, check out the fics and leave a comment if you like. Thank you. *^^*

Goodies here... )
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I've been gone for two days and I thought everything was peaceful and quiet then I suddenly read something about an 'unpopular opinion' Gazette blog and that the RnR 047 that features a hot and wet Shou I ordered from CDJapan is missing? What the fuck is happening? Was the dead cat by the side of the road I saw on my way home yesterday a bad omen? And I was hoping that I'd miss being back to my normal life. -___-
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Title: La saison quand Pégase a visité ( The season Pegasus visited )

Chapters: Part 2 of 2

Author: [ profile] candicecandy and [ profile] venomousliberty

Genre: Romance and fluff

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: None.

Pairings: Aoi/Uruha

Summary: Two souls from two different worlds, brought together by the mortal form of Pegasus.

Comments: are below the page.

His russet eyes glazed over those long, slim fingers that covered his skin before staring directly into a pair of sable saucers that regarded him as if his existence was the sun to the planet called Shiroyama Yuu.

Part One