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So after a year, my muse for my former fandom, GrimmIchi is back. I'm so happy~ *creys tears of joy* It has been a long time since I last updated my Bleach fic and I've been getting a few messages from my account, asking when I'll update it. I've always wanted to update but muse is so hard to find when you feel that the fandom is dying, you're distracted by Jrock and you're busy as hell. *sighs*

I guess [ profile] ringo_suki_desu would be happy to hear this, but I haven't heard from my fanfic twin in a while. She's probably busy job hunting and don't want any distractions so... *shifts awkwardly* Anyway, twin! If you're reading this. I'll be back soon. I did promise that I'll finish ATF, didn't I? :')

I feel a little productive in terms of writing, these days. I guess it's because I want to be distracted from the usual ghosts and worries that plague me.

Anyway, R&R 047 that featured Shou finally arrived today and I pretty much went all ASDFJGLFJSLEDMKFJD when I saw very wet!Shou. He's so sexy. SEXY, I say and he's not even naked, wtf! I restrained myself from buying A9 or other bands' singles to save up for the GazettE's releases but I just NEED to have this issue, LOL. And besides, Koichi of MEJIBRAY is in there, so yeah, another good reason for me to have it.

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My Shou is being retained?


That's according to the freaking EMS tracking site. It says that the package status is 'Retention' and I don't really know what the fuck it means. Why the hell are they retaining it? It's not even that expensive and it's just a fucking magazine, WTF! I'm so worried right now. What if they retain it for good and they won't release it and send it to me ever? Okay, I'm overreacting there but whatever. This is why I don't trust EMS and Customs anymore. Damn you! This is the second time you useless piece of shit!

Shou... Uhuhuhuhu... my Shou.

*goes cry in a corner*

Edit: Looked up the 'Retention' status in Google and it turns out that their retaining Shou 'coz I might possibly pay tax. Pay tax for a $25 package? Seriously? SERIOUSLY? I really hate EMS and Customs. This is the freaking last time I'll buy in CDJapan. =_=
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Listening to my iPod this morning. It's on shuffle and Stargazer: by Alice Nine suddenly played and now my feels are all over the place, like all of a fucking sudden, my positive aura just escalated to greater heights and now I feel happy even though I dislike this day, like I'm so freaking happy I want to cry what the fuck. Shou's voice just has that effect on me, I guess. lkgjldejgndlfgjilvndljhonv,sdfn

Then I remember again why this is gonna be a good year and now I feel better and I feel like I need to work harder (yes, a part time job is needed) so I can do and have all the things I want.
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I just don't get how my mind works.

I've been so excited to finally find out and receive my Christmas bonus and now that I actually know how much I'll receive, I don't want to spend a single cent. I don't even want to buy Stacked Rubbish and GEMINI anymore. I just want to put all that money in my savings account for my trip next year.


What the fuck is up with you, brain?

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Due to the increasing numbers of ad/comments I receive from fucking strangers, I've decided that from now on, I'll be screening all comments made in my journal. Yesterday, I received five of such comments and it pissed me off like hell because a couple of them were dropped in one of my stories. I don't know why the fuck they suddenly popped out of nowhere but I wish they'd stop or LJ could purge the fake accounts they made. 

In another note, it's Monday again and I'm so lazy and sleepy as fuck, but I'm looking at some pictures of Hiroto and I seriously think he poses like a model... a top model. Seriously. His poses are just unf... facial expressions = check! Smize = check! Body pose = check! Gah~ He's waking up me blood, lol. Now I'm awake... a little, but still, looking at him and Uruha works wonders.
Just look at him... eyes, pose, the fierce facial expression. He screams model. XDD
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Am I the only one who thinks that "Kiss twice, Kiss me deadly" by Alice Nine is a sex song?

My first thought when I first listened to it. Checked out the English translation and turned out that it is a sex song and I was surprised as to how lewd it actually is. Well, at least, to me it is since I have a dirty mind but yeah.

All I can say is ME GUSTA. 


6/11/12 12:28
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So I was feeling really bored today... and sleepy and lazy but then Silly God Disco suddenly played in my iPod and all of a sudden, I had this strong urge to go to a bar, get drunk and party. LOL.

I'm still bored though. This job is not fun anymore, especially when they've decided to block Tumblr again, even more so when they also blocked Mediafire so I can't download those videos from the Alice9 Channel.


I need a spam... an Uruha spam... a Tora spam would be nice... or an Aoi one.

I miss Tumblr so much.